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  FACE IDEAS, the world's first facial color decoding makeup brand.

    Considering the development history of modern makeup in the past 100 years, tracing back to the origin of facial colors, FACE IDEAS untied the color code hidden in human faces, created the "Decoding Theory of Facial Colors", positioned "future, fashion, color" and advocated the fashionable beauty makeup concept of "exploring the beauty you don't know".

    FACE IDEAS advocates that the exploration of beauty, like the exploration of the future world, is full of ideals, avantgarde and personality.

    FACE IDEAS each product is a fashion Icon, explaining the sense of the future with a minimalist style, expressing fashion with streamline design, and containing colors with reflective materials.

    For Asian people, FACE IDEAS has launched a full range of products with three key tones and nine color levels, and has also added new display and color decoding tools that subvert the tradition. Since then, make-up choices are no longer complicated, making beauty easy.