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     Skynfuture for the Future of Skin was founded by Guangzhou Skin Future Cosmetics Technology Co., Ltd. in 2013. It took five years to prepare for the official release of the brand in December 2018. The future of skin is a laboratory aesthetic skin care brand born in the laboratory. It adheres to the skin care concept of "Effective ingredients + scientific skin care". There is no fancy concept marketing, only exploration of effective ingredients and cutting-edge skin care technology.

    The inspiration for the future Skynfuture brand of skin originates from Northern Europe. In Icelandic, "Skyn" means perception. When people think of Iceland, they will immediately think of the lonely, mysterious, clear and pure island in the far North Atlantic. Everyone has one such Iceland, which is the boundary with the noisy and complicated world outside. There is pure and simple beauty in that pure land.

    The future of Skynfuture skin is to hope that consumers can also perceive pure and simple beauty in the skin care world. They do not want to become braggadocio who confuse consumers in the numerous and complicated times. They do not tell stories, only reason, explore the latest skin care technology, develop the most effective skin care ingredients, and present them to consumers in the most concise and direct way. I hope everyone who contacts the future brand of Skynfuture skin can feel the brand's yearning for purity, simplicity, simplicity and environmental protection.


    SKYN beauty instrument series

    First launched ultra-thin + ultra-long bristles + wireless charging silicone facial cleanser, and small and exquisite ultrasonic wave import and export warm skin beautifying instrument. More advanced skin care methods make cleaning more in place and skin care more efficient.