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      Meifubao, the herbal modern skin care brand rooted 1000-year Chinese culture on herbs, adopts Chinese herbal essences with modern beauty technology, absorbs the essence of “Balancing • Regularizing • Nourishing”, achieves perfect harmony physically and mentally from within, and highlights the natural and healthy beauty of skin.
      Chinese herbs have the functions of repairing and nourishing skin, Meifubao has extracted beauty care essences from Chinese herbs, transfers the original vegetal energy into the energy for skin, and can smoothen, firm, tender, rejuvenate and whiten skin, promote skin to repair, regenerate and balance itself, and boost the luster of skin.
      Chinese herb classical, with the feature of royal classical skin care recipe, adopts the balancing and general concept of Chinese medicine with modern herb research achievements, absorbs the essence of ancient recipe in skin nourishing, balance the Yin and Yang of skin, nourish skin and boost vigor.
      Chinese flowers, basing the beauty thought of Chinese herb, adopts Chinese “Floral Skin Care” thought and modern biotechnology, contains floral essences and rice oligopeptide for producing the pure floral peptide, and can boost vigor of skin, nourish and balance skin, and make skin as beautiful as flowers.
      Chinese herb, with the essence of 1000-year Chinese herbal beauty care, can regularize and balance the natural herbal essences, show the properties of Chinese herbs in “purifying, soothing, moisturizing and whitening skin”, pursues the perfect combination of skin and nature, and makes skin naturally beautiful.
      Meifubao --- achieves the perfect conversion from “natural beauty” to “beautiful lady”.