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     MIOFURMI met Alice in Wonderland in her dream and found the origin of her unique fragrance beyond reality. Picking mysterious flowers from fairyland, mixing the essence of 100 kinds of flowers from wonderful forest, and finally creating a wonderful world of little MIOFURMI.


    MIOFURMI, a Miofurmi brand pursuit with "skin dense and fragrant, enjoying wonderful time", insists on providing exclusive fragrance body care to women who pursue high-quality experience, and brings them a natural mild, lasting fragrance high-end amino acid fragrance shower gel of facial cleanser level.

    Facial Cleanser Grade Body Soap:

    Select amino acid skin-friendly formula, mild and non-irritating, leaving skin in a pure state, light, luxurious and soft.

    Add coenzyme Q10:

    Nourish skin, make skin moist, shiny, younger and shine with youthful vitality.

    Fusion of multiple concentrated plant extracts:

    Help to lock in the moisture on the skin surface, and at the same time, like a small reservoir, continuously replenish the moisture needed by the skin.

    Extract the essence of various flowers and fruits:

    Take the lead in adopting breakthrough microencapsulation technology to lock the fragrance and rubbing "produces" fragrance, allowing you to release romantic big-name flower and fruit fragrance in the skin caresses and touches one after another, lasting lingering. Let every inch of skin enjoy the pleasure and relaxation brought by the fragrance, and its vitality will be full in one second. 

    MIOFURMI, a wonderful mystery, elegantly interprets the romance and fragrance of the fragrance shower gel, and opens the skin's dream wonderland journey with a pleasant big name "Gaoding" fragrance.