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    KEEP·Y, with the brand concept of "silky hair and sprouting heart aroma", is more natural without silicone oil and meets the requirements of young people for a new generation of washing and protecting products.

    No silicone oil formula:

    Gently clean scalp, care for every hair, redefine the philosophy of youth and hair care.

    Original-P high activity extraction technology;

    Retain the original freshness of ingredients, improve anti-corrosion performance and resist secondary pollution, thus improving safety, making the formula more reassuring and gentle, and caring for every inch of girls' hair.

    Extract flower and fruit vitamin essence:

    Intensive repair of damaged hair, nourishing hair core, hair no longer manic, farewell dim fragile. From then on, your hair will be strong, vigorous, moist and shiny.

    Blending delicate natural flower and fruit aroma:

    More in line with young people's favorite natural girl fragrance, small delicate, fresh and sweet. It can also retain fragrance for 24h* hours * for a long time, allowing hair to emit natural sweet fragrance at all times. (* Indicates the laboratory results of Uniasia Research Institute, with individual differences in actual results)

    KEEP·Y is a fashionable fragrance wash brand with personality and attitude, which is more in line with the characteristics of Generation Z young people pursuing unique personality.


    The novel, interesting and diversified product concept of fragrance washing and protection enables consumers to enjoy play and make a deep impression, from which they can experience the youthful flavor brought by the product: free and easy, with interesting soul.


    The unique packaging with lively colors, together with the novel copywriting with more affinity and personality, will attract young people's attention and let them feel the youth shown by the products: to be beautiful, greasy and moving, to be different fireworks.


    KEEP·Y captured the hearts of young people with the effects of health, ease of use, effectiveness, good feeling of use and obvious improvement of state: youth requires health and beauty to be at ease and at ease.