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    GITTAMY, focus on high-tech polypeptide efficacy skin care. Originated from the peptide biological laboratory, at the beginning of its birth, the founder tried to break the routine and look for skin care products that really act on cells, but stopped between effectiveness and safety until, inspired by authoritative skin medical experts, he found that polypeptides homologous to human body can instantly penetrate the epidermis and target to solve skin problems.

    That is, peptide combined with top polypeptide research and development institutions, after 3000+ trials and 10000+ human efficacy evaluations, refined and refined the rejuvenation and repair patent Mul-petilogy, and based on this, studied the change rule of polypeptide and cell, energized skin energy, and a high-tech polypeptide efficacy brand was born from now on  ......

    Pure formula, fresh freeze-drying and storage technology ensure the maximum biological activity of core components. When touching the skin, the cell vitality will wake up instantly, releasing the skin's continuous vitality.