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Huanya Presents the Ambition of “Being Champion Product” Again -The Opening Celebration Ceremony for Phase-III Industrial Park was Held Solemnly


On 8th December 2014, the opening celebration ceremony for phase-III industrial park of Guangzhou Huanya Cosmetic Technology Co., Ltd. was solemnly held at Guangzhou Science City. Mr. Hu Xingguo-President of Huanya Group, Mrs. Wu Zhiqing-CEO, leaders and employees of different divisions of the Company jointly witnessed the very important moment for development history of Huanya Group. Representatives of the dealers and suppliers of Huanya Company, and strategic partners of Huanya Group all over the world, representatives of consulates of many countries and friends from media attended the ceremony and expressed their congratulations.




Since its preparation, phase-III industrial park of Huanya Group has obtained extensive attention from different trades. The gross investment of the industrial park is USD57.50 million, it covers a floor area of 62548m² and a building area of 110,183m², which is 1.66m² of the gross building area of phase-I and phase-II of Huanya Group. It mainly produces washing care product, colored make-up and other daily-use chemicals. The workshop is completely constructed according to CGMP standard, owns the top-grade automatic sterile workshop and intelligent production control system. Building-up of phase-III industrial park of Huanya Group is great event in the enterprise development strategy. The new industrial park will provide the platform for realizing the mass industrialization of the research and development result of Huanya Research Institute, and marks that the extension of the productivity and product quantity of Huanya Group enters an entirely-new development stage, and will make great contribution for development of Huanya Group in next 5-10 years.




With an overall view of development of Huanya Group in past more than 20 years, its courage daring to persist in large-scale infrastructure construction has been the focus of the industry. From its establishment up to today, with the gross investment of USD80 million, Huanya Group has realized three leapfrogs in space layout: The first leapfrog is to build up the phase-I industrial park of Huanya Group (building area: 44,798m²); the second leapfrog is to build up “one of the largest cosmetic research and development centers in Asia”-Huanya phase-II Cosmetic Research Institute (building area: 26,712m²); the third leapfrog is just to build up phase-III industrial park of Huanya Group (building area: 110,183m²) presently. The strong production, research and development system built with great investment reflects the decision and perseverance of Huanya Group to seek competitive advantage in technology and production continuously, and also presents its great ambition of multiple market strategic layout and solid development. From the skin care, it extends to colored make-up, perfume, washing care product field; from the daily-use chemical franchised store, it extends to shopping mall, general merchandise and E-commerce channels. The multiple-brand pattern of Huanya Group that covers many sub-categories, overall channels and different consumption levels has been formed, and will gradually be integrated and optimized. Furthermore, the soft strength of the enterprise is also continuously enhanced and optimized. The Group has firstly passed four certifications, namely “GB/T19022-2003/ISO10012:2003 measurement management system”, “ISO:9001:2008 quality management system”, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system and OHSAS 18001:2007 occupational health and safety management system; has obtained such honorable titles as “class A labor security. Good faith enterprise”, “taxpayer with class A tax payment credit rating”, “excellent and pilot enterprise for quality and service good faith and promise in China”, “AAAA certification for standard and fine behavior enterprise”, “excellent enterprise of clean production in Guangzhou City” and so on; with effective introduction of excellent performance management mode, the Group has won the nominating award in Luogang District of Guangzhou City and the award for strengthening the district with quality in Luogang District; the Group has successfully won approval for such project as high-tech enterprise, Guangdong Chinese Traditional Medicine Daily-use Chemicals (Huanya) Engineering Technical Research Center, Guangzhou Municipal-level enterprise technical center, Guangzhou innovation type enterprise and so on, and has established the only one cosmetic academician workstation in China.


At the celebration ceremony, Mr. Hu Xingguo-President of Huanya Group made speech and expressed that, building of phase-III industrial park of Huanya Group has epoch-making significance in development history of Huanya Group, meets the enterprise mission of Huanya Group-“being the champion product”, follows the trend of enterprise fast development. It cannot only meet the overall channel, cross-category and multiple development strategy of Huanya Group, but also provides strong hardware support for Huanya Group to face the international market in future.


On the spot, domestic entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs from South Korea, Japan and so on who visited phase-III industrial park of Huanya Group expressed that, production size, advanced equipment and scientific management of phase-III industrial park of Huanya Group are leading in China and have reached the first-class standard in the world. Some entrepreneurs held that, development rate of Huanya Group in past 25 years makes the people to exclaim, even exceeds the scale of some Japanese enterprises who have a history of one hundred years.