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With the moment just like the fire that can set the prairie ablaze, it initializes the strategy of Huanya-Together WE CAN


      In Golden October, revolutionary songs were loud and clear at the grand Jinggang Mountain. The green bamboo and the golden rice field at the foot of the mountain mutually reflected, and present the vigorous and prosperous scene for the red and sacred place of revolution. On 8th October 2014, the top leaders of Huanya Group led one hundred intermediate and senior management persons to step the road where the revolutionary forerunners had walked and start the moving red journey for three days.


With a lofty ideal for a long time, coming to Jinggang Mountain again.

      Early five years ago, Huanya people have left their footprints for seeking the red belief at Jinggang Mountain. The new product release meeting for Hanfang series of new products of Meifubao (a well-known brand of Huanya Group) has ever held here. In July 2009, at this place, the red passion ignited the beauty of China, Meifubao formally blew the horn to enter the field of Hanfang skin care.

      Five years later, Huanya has exploited the new space with its great achievement. With the larges cosmetic research and development center in Asia, the only one cosmetic academician workstation in the industry and the largest beautification and cosmetic museum in Asia and so on, Huanya people paved many solid footstones to the dream. In 2014, Huanya people traveled the scared place of revolution again, it was not only for enhancing the red and revolutionary spirit again, was also for planning the future for Huanya Group in next five years.

With fast development in five year, the new height is provided

      From 2009 to 2014, it was five years for Huanya to make fast development and make leapfrogs and breakthroughs.

      From building up the phase-I industrial park of Huanya Group (building area: 44,798m²) with the investment of USD9.50 million, to build up Huanya phase-II Cosmetic Research Institute (building area: 26,712m²) with the investment of USD13.00 million and to build up phase-III production base of Huanya Group (building area: 110,183m²) with the investment of USD57.50 million, with the supersizing extension speed, Huanya Group has completed construction the hardware infrastructure that is leading in the industry; from the skin care, it extends to colored make-up, perfume, hair care field; from the daily-use chemical franchised store, it extends to shopping mall, general merchandise and E-commerce channels, the multiple brand operation group that cross many subcategories, overall channels and different consumption levels in China has completed its first round of optimization and integration: Sales volume of Meifubao and Franic (two major brands) have increased by nearly 6 times respectively from 2009 to 2013. Meifubao once won such honorable titles as “excellent brand of beautification cosmetic industry in China”, “NO.1 in the ranking of sunscreen cosmetics in the cosmetic brands in China”, “the trademark with the best growth in China”, “famous trademark in Guangdong Province”, “famous brand product in Guangdong Province”, “China well-known trademark” and so on; Franic extended from cosmetic to perfume, continuously extends its category territory, has obtained such honorable titles as “famous brand product in Guangdong Province”, “the trademark with the best growth in China” and so on; in 2014, Huanya Group newly pushed Seeyoung (silicone oil-free shampoo), which as won the prize of “the innovation brand in 2014”; at the same year, the professional line brand “YOUYA” has won the prizes of “scientific innovation brand in beatification industry in China in 2014” and “one of the top-20 influential brands in beatification industry in China”.


      In addition, in past five years, Huanya Group has made great achievement in research and development fields: 50 patents; full-band sunscreen skin care products, Chinese medicine Hanfang whitening and skin care product and Chinese medicine Hanfang wet skin care product are appraised to be “High-tech products in Guangdong Province”; has successfully abstained approval such projects as high-tech enterprise, Guangdong Chinese Traditional Medicine Daily-use Chemicals (Huanya) Engineering Technical Research Center, Guangzhou Municipal-level enterprise technical center, Guangzhou innovation type enterprise and so on; the Group has conducted strategic cooperation with such international well-known institutions as BASF and Hydroviton from German, Sepigel from France, Clariant of Switzerland, NABION from South Korea, Miya from Japan and so on, carries out extensive global technical cooperation network, continuously absorbs the most advanced product development concepts and technology.

      With efforts, development and accumulation for five years, it accumulates strong potential energy for another leapfrog and sustainable development of the territory of business of Huanya Group.

Planning strategy in next five years, carrying out the new chapter

      The grand Jinggang Mountain produced the red gene inherited by generations of Chinese people, engraved the backbone of Chinese people and gathered the hope of Chinese people. This land will also witness carrying out new chapters of the business of Huanya Group.

      For this “seminar of revising the five-year strategic plan of Huanya Group”, more than intermediate and senior management persons of Huanya Group gathered. With internal discussion among the top management of the Group and different business centers and cross-division discussion, the people deeply integrated and impacted fiercely, they jointly drew up strategy and set up the direction for future development of Huanya Group.

      Hu Xingguo, President of Huanya Group, pointed out at the meeting, when the enterprise developed up to certain degree and advanced toward higher goal, the requirements for management, culture and strategy will be more urgent. If these three gears cannot gear in the marketing, it will the advancement of Huanya Group. Huanya people shall have clear understanding of the situations, greet the new challenges, make innovation bravely and make greater achievement.

Another red travel, enhance the national feeling

      For the Huanya People, the travel to Jinggang Mountain was also a culture trip and spirit trip for seeking and following the red footprint. With visit, learning, singing red songs, watching real scenery performance and other ways, Huanya people jointly looked back the grand revolutionary history of Jinggang Mountain, experienced the extraordinary period of the elder generation, felt and carry forward, inherit the spirit of Jinggang Mountain, excite the passion for Huanya people to make strenuous efforts and strive, it can bring a great deal of spiritual baptism for cleaning the mind. One intermediate management person expressed that “the red stories in Jinggang Mountain are moving and make the people to have tears, it can achieve the effect that cannot be by ordinary teaching. In the modern and fickle society, we are very necessary to listen to these stories for purifying the mind and firming the belief. ” 

Gathering the new drive, opening the new march

      The seminar of revising the five-year strategic plan of Huanya Group (2014-2018) inherited and extended the last round of five-year strategic plan, specifies the development direction of Huanya Group in next five years, the Group will advance toward higher goal. In the three days for holding the meeting, all of intermediate and senior management persons attended preparing the strategic plan, they could not only obtain many precious suggestions and ideas, but it also solidly gathered the team work force of Huanya people, and excited every one to strive toward the joint goal.

      With the wind and thunder, the flags drift. The blue-sea new strategic layout of Huanya Group is just carried out from Jinggang Mountain gradually. In 2014, Huanya people will sail and advance continuously, undertake the mission given by the times, and enter the new march at fast speed with the momentum.