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Global strategy opens the brand dream-Grand opening of mobilization and award ceremony of Huanya Group in 2015


      On 9th December 2014, the 7th Mobilization and Award Ceremony of Huanya Group with the theme of “TOGETHER WE CAN” was grandly opened at Guangzhou Changlong Theatre. All of employees of Huanya Group and more than 5000 marketing elites, dealers and suppliers all over China got together, shared the experiences and stories of Huanya Group in past 25 years and witnessed the brands of the Group to open the new historical chapters.

      At the ceremony, Hu Xingguo, President of Huanya Group, made the opening address and expressed that: The Company has grown from one of top-ten dealers in China to the leader in the national daily-use chemical industry in China. During this progress, Huanya Group continuously seeks dream, continuously exceeds itself. Meifubao (a brand of Huanya Group) has been the champion product of sunscreen products in China for five years continuously; Seeyoung, as the “second rich generation’ of Huanya Group, is splendid at its birth, and just leads the new trend of silicone oil –free head skin care; Franic gradually opens its new brand development route; as the professional line channel brand of Huanya Group, Youya continuously presents new brand vitality. In Future, Huanya Group will continue its all-channel, cross-category and multiple development strategy, and create the world famous brand with the champion product.

      For prospect of the future of Huanya Group, President Hu said that, in 2015, the brand pyramid structure of Huanya Group will be more perfect: Meifubao will strive toward “leading brand of whitening and skin care product in China”; Franic will make additional advertising expense of RMB300 million in 2015, and the brand will starts new round of upgrade and optimization; it will forge the first brand of beautification professional line in China-Youya; Seeyoung-leading brand of silicone oil free head skin care and washing care in China will continuously lead the fashion of silicone oil free head skin care in China, in next three years, will take 10% of share of the China shampoo market, and the sales volume will reach RMB1 billion in 2015.


      In addition, President Hu also declares an exciting news, Austrian Branch and US branch of Huanya Group will be established. Presently, it just makes recruitment and creates the team in the global range. After the R & D field, Huanya Group will incorporate the business cooperation project into its global strategy, and the statistical goals of operation and management in group mode and international mode of the Huanya Group are realized one by one!

      After that, the mobilization activities became more ardent, and the scene was very passionate. The great cry of different divisions of Huanya Group and dealer team resounded in the stadium for a long time. The novel mobilization ways were so interesting, expressed the great passion and decision of Huanya people, and declared that a Chinese enterprise with a history of 25 years would open the dream in new height.

      In 2015, Huanya Group will continuously extend its social welfare positive energy, transfer sunshine, warmness and love to the world. “2015 Meifubao sunshine program” with the investment of scores of million Yuan was also started at this ceremony in order to help the poor children to realize their dreams. Liu Wei, a sunshine angel, shared her moving story and touched the soul of each Huanya people in field. More than thirty Huanya people (such as excellent dealers of Huanya Group, top-10 models of Huanya Group) and so on set up the model for the Huanya people with their outstanding stories. Representatives of BASF, Clariant, Sepigel, Hydroviton, COSEN of South Korea and other international enterprises and so on attended the award ceremony. Mr. Hu Xingguo-President of Huanya Group, Mrs. Wu Zhiqing-CEO awarded the “award of strategic partners of Huanya Group” to them. The heavy award cup symbolized that cooperation between both parties would be more solid! Excellent partners are the strong drive for Huanya Group to develop and become stronger. Only with win-win, there will be brilliant future for Huanya Group!


      The 7th annual conference ceremony of Huanya Group was closed successfully. With the great positive energy, Huanya Group has obtained the wings for flying, strives toward the dream travel of “being the champion product, creating the world famous brand” and strives toward the brilliant and new future.

      Together we can!