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Gather Heroes • Extend to the World

------Huanya Group 5th Annual Conference



      At 9:00, January 4, 2012, Huanya Group 5th “Gather Heroes • Extend to the World” Annual Conference was held in Guangzhou International Sports Performance Arts Center. Such leaders as Huanya Group founder Mr. Hu Xingguo, Ms. Wu Zhiqing, Vice President Tang Youyue, Hua Chuanhai and Chen Wenjun. And guests as leaders of Huanya Group brand center and headquarter, more than 170 distributors, over 3000 sales elites, over 300 market terminal retailers, over 200 suppliers and media friends attended the conference with a most grand image.
      In the national song of the People’s Republic of China, all attendants stood up, and six vigorous Huanya staffs lift up the national flag and walked to the center of the stage, all attendants sang the national song to unveil the 5th Annual. As one of the representatives of Chinese national enterprises, Huanya Group insists on the enterprise spirit of “Diligence, Sincerity and Persistence”, and the Annual also sang the Huanya Enterprise Spirit Song: “It’s the truth that Good things come to him who works, return from efforts, learn constantly, run with the step of the times, sincerity is the foundation for a wider space, and credit expands the road, heaven helps those who help themselves, achieve steady development with constant efforts. ”
      The attended teams took a mass pledge respectively in the Annual Conference and shown their attractions on the stage; they expressed their faithfulness to Huanya and the ambition of achieving the sales target with pledge. President Hu personally awarded the stamp to every team, and all site guests felt the force, action and determination of win.
      The entire Annual had a hot atmosphere with applauses, after the teams show, under the leadership of the presenter, all attendants sang the song “Beyond the Dream”, and Huanya Group 2012 Annual Conference was smoothly finished in the song.