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Develop the biggest cosmetic research and development center in Asia

--- Huanya Research Institute Completion Ceremony was Held



      On January 3, 2012, Guangzhou Huanya Cosmetics Technology Co., Ltd. Research Institute Completion Ceremony was held in Guangzhou Science Town. Huanya Group founder Mr. Hu Xingguo, Ms. Wu Zhiqing, Vice President Tang Youyue, Hua Chuanhai, South Korean Nabion Institute Chairman Jin Guizhi, Huanya Cosmetics agencies and suppliers, Huanya Research Institute staffs witted the important moment with milestone significance.
      Huanya Research Institute settles at Guangzhou Science Town with a total area reaching 12502m2, floor area 25630m2 and total investment reaching USD13 million. The Research Institute is the biggest cosmetics research and development center in Asia with complete facilities, and its completion has set a foundation for the independent development of Huanya products.
      The establishment of Huanya Research Institute has the epoch-making significance in the development history of Huanya Group, and will powerfully support the enterprise mission of Huanya to “production champion products and create world famous brand”, provide technical innovation guarantee for the diversified and all around development of Huanya, and set a solid substantial and technical foundation for the cooperation of Huanya with world top partners such as South Korean Nabion, French Xilaibo, American ISP, Dow Corning, Germany Cognis and BASF, Japanese ShinEtsu. Huanya President Hu Xingguo expressed: facing the sha01.rp market competition, particularly for the challenge of foreign brands, the national brands can extend the market space and promote the upgrade of related industry changes through constantly innovating in the R&D fields and mastering core technologies.