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Peak of Mountain --2010 Pledge Annual



      On December 25, 2009, Huanya Group 2010 Pledge Annual was successfully closed in the Xianghe Grand Epoch City of Beijing.The president of Huanya Group - Hu Xingguo, Vice president - Wu Zhiqing, Tang Youyue, Hua Chuanhai, Chen Wenjun, Li Jingzhong, institute director of Korean Nabiang - Jin Guizhi, deputy director - Li Wojian and other leaders take part in the annual meeting. They are joyfully gathered with more than 2000 marketing top sales of Huanya Group and witness the great moment. The Annual site was very hot with roaring cheers, and all Huanya staffs were high-spirited and vigorous.
      This Annual had a big size, strong team and grand scene.The meeting place is located at the No.1 city of Beijing - Xianghe which has the particularly favorable geographical position and convenient transportation. In the city, the building is magnificent and resplendent, the scenery is also very nice and supporting facility is complete. The building group shows the elite of the ancient and modern Chinese culture and extraordinary splendour of national architecture. Over 2000 staffs attended the Annual which was the one with most attendants in the history of Huanya Group. Under the leadership of chairman Hu Xingguo, Huanya Group has sized up the situation with the wisdom of all staffs, and achieved constant development with one and another brilliances.
      The meeting begins from happy running around the meeting place by each distribution manager or dealer representative holding red flag. All the participants stand up and welcome the flagmen, and the thunderous applause continued for a long time and arouse the lively atmosphere of the occasion. What follows on are 12 Huanya staff in high spirits, impressive appearance and neat clothing holding three big words "diligent", "honest" and "constant", and come on the stage to show the enterprise spirits of Huanya Group. As one of the representative of China national enterprise, Huanya Group always take the enterprise spirits of "diligent", "honest" and "constant" as its guidance, try his best to do himself well, constantly promote his competitiveness, participate in the construction of China cosmetics industry and devote his power to the development of the industry. At that moment, all the Huanya staff are excited. The pride feeling is in everyone's heart. This is because all of us are the executor of enterprise spirits. "Diligent", "honest" and "constant" is not only the enterprise spirits of Huanya but also the traditional virtue of out great motherland for thousands of years. All the Huanya staff have inherited the fine tradition and carry it forward and devote power to the development of the industry and powerful nation. We have enough reason to feel pride for ourselves.
      All staffs enjoyed the video of Huanya 2010 Pledge Annual with the theme of “I’m the Peak of Mountain”, and emblazed the enthusiasm in the heart. The rising of sun starts from the darkness before dawn; the victory of victory depends of high-spirited ambition; the cheer for every summit collects the footprint of  fortitude; bravely advance forwarding, you may dispel the clouds and see the sun. You can only reach the peak after conquering yourself! Yes, all achievements depend on the high-spirited ambition and constant effort. The video aroused the infinite passion of the attendances, Huanya staffs are excited for their own summit and encouraged for the achievements, nothing is more thrilling than great success, at this moment, all attendants on site are impassioned.
      Chairman Hu presented the general motivation for the Pledge Annual, he introduced his intensive patriotism, pointed out that the Chinese people have earned high respect from all over the world as the improvement of the status in the world, this was the style of the raising of the great county, and everyone should be very proud as a Chinese. It had been the enterprise mission of Huanya to “create top brand for the nation”, the country becomes strong, and every one shall undertake the mission of contribution to the country, with this mission, Huanya created better products and benefited the clients. Later, Chairman Hu arranged the important content of 5-year plan, which improved the confidence and motivation of everyone to the development of Huanya. Chairman Hu’s speech was smoothing, powerful and soul-stirring, and encouraged everyone on site.
      The pledge of all distributors team was the most important procedure of this annual. They were high-spirited, and showed their own styles under the leadership of the chief, they were vigorous and enthusiastic, and expressed their sincere heart to Huanya and ambition of completing the sales target. Chairman Hu awarded the red flag for every team, and signed the assignment of completion sales target with the chief, the 2010 target must be completed, and everyone also believed to over fulfill the assignment. At last, the chief of the team knocked the gong, and the sound is clear and sonorous, which moved the heart of everyone, and Huanya would be more and more reputed in 2010.
      The entire annual had hot atmosphere and was filled with passion and freedom, the annual approached the ending in the flying red flags, and all attendants, under the leadership of the presenter, sang the song  of “Surpassing the Dream”, and the Huanya Group 2010 Pledge Annual smoothly fell the curtain in the excited song.

      Then, all staffs enjoy the dinner. During the dinner, staffs with outstanding achievements in 2009 were awarded, and their outstanding achievements were confirmed, and they are encouraged to keep up with the good word and create another brilliance. Additionally, the dinner also set lottery with the awards including notebook computer, mobile phone and Huanya products for returning every Huanya staff and encourage everyone to brave to strive for the summit, and reach the height of “I’m the Peak of Mountain”. The entire dinner smoothly closed in the harmonious and warm atmosphere.

2010 will be the year for double achievement of Huanya;
2010 will be the year of shining the future in the history of Huanya;
2010 will be the year of Huanya partners to raise head proudly;
2010, let’s go all out for Huanya.