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Europe Social Party Young Statesman Delegation Visit and Investigate Huanya



On 8th, July, 2010, led by Europe social party secretary general- Philip ,  Europe social party young statesman delegation about 10 people Cordery visit and investigate our company in the accompany of the principal of Guangzhou economic and technical development zone investment promoting center. They are warmly received by Mr. Hu Xingguo – the president of Huanya Group.


The purpose of the Europe social party young statesman delegation’s visit here is to discuss some problems for promoting the development of society and enterprise with Guangzhou economic and technical development zone government and its enterprises. As one of the four objects for visit and inspection, Huanya impresses his guests a lot.

The delegation visits the Huanya Cosmetics Museum which is honored as “No.1 in China and No. 2 in the world” accompanied by Huanya commentator. There are various kinds of cultural relics and pictures which demonstrating the Chinese cosmetics culture of long standing. All the visitors are wondering at the abundant cultural remains of Chinese national cosmetics and profound cultural refinement. They have taken many pictures and try to keep the happy moment in the visible pictures forever. The enterprise culture, enterprise development history and enterprise honor showed by the Huanya enterprise pavilion provides a platform for guests to get a comprehensive understanding of Huanya. After learning that Huanya holds staff training, military training and commendation meeting of each season and each year, the delegation praise a lot and they think that it is helpful for enhancing cohesive force of the team, improving the staff’s enthusiasm and cultivating the staff’s sense of belonging.

After the visit, the delegation says the journey in Huanya makes them feel a booming and excellent Chinese national enterprise. They also hope Huanya can keep the good situation and continue to develop.

Related analyst thinks that Europe social party has a wide and deep influence in Europe and plays an important role in politics and participation of politics in some countries of Europe. And some of the young statesman will make a figure in the future.