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SFDA, Deputy to the National People"s Congress and Member of the CPPCC Come to Our Company for Inspection and instruction Work


SFDA, Deputy to the National People's Congress and Member of the CPPCC Come to Our Company for Inspection and instruction Work


In the afternoon of 2nd, June, deputy to the National People's Congress - Zhang Ling, Yang Li, Zhou Haibo, Sha Zhenquan, member of the CPPCC - Zhang Xiaomei, Xiao Pei'an, Standing Committee of the National People's Congress General Office Contact Bureau - liu Guoming, SFDA director - Tong Min, Jia Jianguo, Gao Feng, Chen Shaozhou and leader of Guangdong Province SFDA came to our company for inspection and instruction work in the accompany of Miss. Wu Zhiqing - the vice president of Huanya Group. What's more, journalist from DDTV also joined in this occasion.

At first, all the distinguished guests visited the elegant and noble cosmetics museum and felt the broad, profound, long standing cosmetics culture essence which has refined over thousands of years. In the enterprise pavilion, the modern Huanya pavilion shows the excelsior enterprise culture of Huanya Group, the glorious development history of Huanya Group since establishment and various contributions to the society. Later, all the guests came to Huanya Plant and products management department to inspect working condition of the production line and put forward instructive suggestions for the plant.

At last, the guests came to the meeting room and have an informal discussion with our leaders. After listening the report of our company, the leaders spoke highly of the enterprise mission – “make champion product and create world brand” put forward by Huyan and the achievements obtained. The director – Tong Min points out the purpose of the field survey which is to comprehensively organize all levels of directors to modify the cosmetics health supervision regulations made 20 years ago. Through field survey, more reliable information can be obtained which can be regarded as the basis to modify regulations to meet the requirements of market economy development, satisfy the need of government supervision, better promote the progress of the enterprise and drive the development of the whole industry. 

The plant manager of Huanya plant – Chang Xianyao also takes part in the discussion and reports the production condition of the plant.