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Nigeria Free Trade Zone EMBA Delegation Make a Visit and Investigation of Huanya Enterprises


At 11:00 am of 17th, September, led by vice director of SDPC and Mr. Patrick Abbeyaola Lawson, Nigeria free trade zone EMBA delegation about 30 people make a visit and investigation of our company in the accompany of International Business of Guangdong province, Guangzhou city and related leaders of foreign affairs office of development area.


Members of the delegation listen to the introduction carefully


Members of the delegation have visited the Huanya enterprise pavilion and facial cosmetics museum in the accompany of announcer and interpreter. While they are deeply attracted by our enterprise culture which full of Chinese traditional culture and always take some notes on his book. When coming to the products exhibition area of Meifubao and Franic, they are greatly interested with our exquisite products and also ask about specific information of the products. After learning that products are of good effect, high quality and well received by customers, all members of the delegation want to buy our products. Then the delegation visit the facial cosmetics museum happily. Facing the fine and old collections and vivid pictures, all the members are fully enchanted by the history river with thousands years of cosmetics culture. Their praise is from time to time.


Members of delegation are attracted by Chinese cosmetics culture


At 12:30, members of the delegation lest our company until the visit and investigation is finished. They hope that they can have opportunity to visit Huanya in the future and buy products of Huanya again.