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"Symposia of Guangzhou Development Area Cosmetics Industry" Held at Huanya Science Park


On the morning of 10th, January, "Symposia of Guangzhou Development Area Cosmetics Industry" which hosted by Guangdong Food and Drug Administration was held at the meeting room of the fourth floor of Huanya Science Park in the Science City of Guangzhou Development Area. There are many famous cosmetics enterprises taking part in the symposia, such as the Guangdong Food and Drug Administration, Guangzhou Food and Drug Administration, National Cosmetics Quality Certification Committee, leaders of related departments in Guangzhou development area, Amway (China) Co., Ltd., Amway (China) Co., Ltd., Sunrider (China) Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Huanya Cosmetics Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Nabion Cosmetics Technology Co., Ltd. and so on.




During the symposia, leaders of related department introduces the current general situation and analysis of supervising situation of the cosmetics industry in our area. What's more, experts made a lecture about "Health standard for cosmetics manufacturing enterprises", "Quality control and trend of cosmetics manufacturing" and other related documents. They also hope each direct selling company can strengthen the management of its staff, study of laws and regulations, the communication with supervising department and industrial cooperation to build a prosperous future together.




The representative of cosmetics enterprise indicated in the symposia: continue to take standard operation and self-discipline as the criterion under the guidance of related department of the government; coordinate with related functional departments actively, strengthen communication and interaction, and try his best to maintain the health development of the industry.

Later on, all the leaders and enterprise representatives visited the Huanya Science and Technology Park in the accompany of Mr. Hu Xingguo - the president of Huanya Group.