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Set foot in China and then launch into the world


Guangzhou Huanya Cosmetics Technology Co., Ltd. attended the 3rd China Cosmetic Summit


During July 22-23, 2010, the 3rd China Cosmetic Summit was held in Beijing Wanda Pullman Hotel, and nearly 1000 domestic cosmetics enterprises gathered to discuss how the Chinese cosmetic industry break the barrier, improve the brand value, promote the brand industry chain integration and promote the industry upgrade and globalization process. The Summit invited dozens of main enterprise in the Chinese cosmetic industry chain as the invited guests, and Guangzhou Huanya Cosmetics Technology Co., Ltd. attended the summit as the special guest.

Daily Chemical Department General Manager Qu He discussed the development road of domestic cosmetic brands with the subject of “setting foot in China and then launching into the world”. She pointed out that the entire Chinese cosmetic market was basically controlled by the foreign brands, and the Chinese cosmetic brands were pushed to the second and third line cities since the domestic brand failed to discover the personalized brand culture which could attract the consumers. China possessed a long history of herbal beauty care, and Meifubao powerfully discovered the national brand culture connotation of herbal cosmetic with innovative development, and passed the internal beauty of Chinese ladies.

In the meeting, general manager Qu shared the successful experience of Meifubao. In her opinion, the development of Meifubao mainly depended on R&D, production, channel, training and advertisement. R&D was the foundation, Huanya constructed the Huanya Research Institute with USD13 million in 2009, which thoroughly showed the emphasis of Huanya on improving the R&D strength. Production was the key, currently, Huanya Industrial Park possesses 9 modern product liens with the annual output capacity reaching 100 million pieces. In June 2011, Huanya expropriated 100mu land to construct the workshop for washing products, perfume and color makeup, and the constantly expanding output capacity and production technologies would provide more and quality products for consumers. Advertisement was the promotion force, Meifubao doubled the investment on advertisement every year, and the powerful advertisement launch effectively improved the brand reputation. Channel was the development platform, currently, Meifubao possessed two business systems --- daily chemical and professional line with over 15000 terminals in China, the complete and wide channel network expanded the new development opportunities for the brand. Training was the source of development, the max fortune of enterprise was talent, besides the professional training, Huanya provided unified training for staffs every quarter, in 2009, Huanya Business College was established, and Huanya possessed the education platform with complete system, higher  efficiency and sustainable development in terms of talents training. The wonderful speech of general manager Qu exhibited the development track of Huanya to the attendants, and brought the confidence to the domestic cosmetic enterprises. The Chinese beauty should be created by the Chinese enterprisers, and it was the common ideal to make Chinese cosmetics more respectful.