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The Delegation of “Strengthen Humanism Care, Jointly Construct the Spirit Of Place” Communication Meeting visited our company




On September 1, 2010, jointly sponsored by CPC Guangzhou Municipal Committee Publicity Department, CPC Guangzhou Municipal Committee United Front Work Department and Guangzhou Federation of Industry and Commerce, the 300-person delegation of “Strengthen Humanism Care, Jointly Construct the Spirit Of Place” Communication meeting visited our company.

Huanya Group leaders and departments attached high importance to the visitation with careful organization and arrangement on reception. Since the visitation team was grand, and the reception was promoted by three teams, and the work staffs guided the visitors to visit the Huanya museum and Huanya Company Hall, and watch the enterprise special film in the Big Hall, the entire visitation was smoothed finished in the happy atmosphere, and Huanya reception team also left an excellent impression to the guests.

Through the visitation, the guests witnessed the development of Huanya Group with a deeper realization to the development of Chinese beauty and cosmetic industry, and realized the long history and profound beauty culture, expanded the vision. Many visitors expressed that the enterprise spirit, mission and talent thought of Huanya were worthy of learning, and every visitors benefited from this visitation.