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Huanya Science Town Phase II R&D Center Project Main Body Engineering Capped in Advance




On August 16, 2010, Huanya Science Town Phase II R&D Center project main body engineering capped in advance. Huanya chairman Hu Xingguo, vice chairman Tang Youyue and the general contractor Fujian Hengsheng Architectural Group general manager attended the capping ceremony.

Huanya R&D Center project was constructed with the investment of USD13 million by Hong Kong Huanya Group to improve the independent R&D strength of Huanya, strengthen the interactive communication and cooperation with domestic and foreign top cosmetic research institutes, powerfully improve the product quality, expand the product line, enrich the product varieties and provide more natural and green beauty and skin care products for consumers.

It cost 148 days from the formal start on March 22, 2010 to the capping of main body engineering on August 16, 2010, which was 13 days in advance compared with the original plan. Under the situation with various difficulties, it was very difficult to cap 13 days in advance. The basement of the project was constructed in the rainy season which brought serious difficulties for the construction. The construction team grasped every interval of rain and completed the work load when assuring the project quality. However, the construction period of the basement wax about 1 month longer than the original plan, which required that other constructions must be accelerated. In the coming 3 months, the construction team made concerted effort and completed the capping of main body in the high temperature of July and August. Due to complete sunstroke prevention measures, the workers on site didn’t suffer from heat stroke under such bad weather. Moreover, with the strict supervision of the owner, constructor and supervisor, the site boasted regular construction, after the capping of the main body project, the construction for fire prevention, air conditioning and internal decoration would be promoted on schedule.