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Huanya Group Held the First E-Commerce Talkfest


On June 10, 2011, Huanya Group held the first Huanya E-Commerce Talkfest in Guangzhou, and Huanya Group chairman Hu Xingguo, Vice chairman Chen Wenjun and E-Commerce General Manager Zhu Hongbin attended the meeting.

This meeting attracted chief of over 30 E-Commerce distributors all around China, and the attendants who attended the meeting are senior E-Commerce elites with certain force. On the meeting day, the invited gentries visited the Phase I project, Phase II project, Enterprise Hall, Museum and the Factory with an intensive knowledge to the general strength of Huanya.

Huanya Group chairman Hu Xingguo expressed in the Talkfest that the development of E-Commerce was inundant, online shopping would become one of the major channels for consumers in the future, in order to meet this trend, Huanya would firmly emphasize E-Commerce as one of the core business in the future, and Huanya would invest powerfully in labor, fortune and materials, and strive for developing Huanya E-Commerce as the other core channel within 1-2 years following franchised store channel, store and supermarket channel and beauty salon channel.

Huanya Group E-Commerce General Manager Zhu Hongbin also carefully introduced the specific planning of Huanya in E-Commerce, Huanya Group believed that E-Commerce would the consumption trend in the future, and Huanya Group would strengthen the construction of E-Commerce and improve the brand force of Huanya. In terms of E-Commerce platform, reconstruct the consumption flow according to the demands of consumers, improve the soft strength of the self-operated channel, develop the top strengthen the network channels, focus on quality service and products, switch the terminals from “quantity to quality”, deepen the industry chain cooperation with an open mind, and persist in the network strategy of channels. He also emphasized that Huanya would strictly attack fake commodities, dumping and low price behavior online. In order to develop the green E-Commerce shopping environment, Huanya would completely clean up the stores which are selling Meifubao and Franic products, and present unified authorized and management to the authorized stores, and would handle and clean up the unauthorized stores with various means and even legal means.

In this Talkfest, the guests also carefully discussed the cooperation mode and policies of distribution on network channel, and both parties obtained accordant opinion with specific operation and implementation method, and the meeting was smoothly succeeded.