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Warden Shi Qizhu visited Huanya Company




On June 17, 2011, air is very fresh after raining, and the sunshine in the summer is very shine. At 10:00, Luogang District Warden Shi Qizhu, accompanied by Luogang District Enterprise Construction Bureau Chief Zhang Chaoping, visited Huanya Company. Vice Chairman Wu Zhiqing and Tang Youyue warmly received the delegation of Warden Shi Qizhu and reported the work to Warden Shi.

“Attractive for Five-Thousand Years with Splendid Makeup, Reputed All Around The World with National Beauty Culture”, Warden Shi Qizhu visited various precious collections with high interest in “Guangdong Huanya Beauty & Cosmetics Museum”, presented questions to the museum interpreter. When hearing that the museum is the “second in the world and first in Asia”, Shi Qizhu praised: “this museum is good and  Huanya Company is far sighted”.

Shi Qizhu was attracted by the enterprise spirit of “Diligent, Sincere and Persistent” in the Huanya Company Hall. He carefully read the explanation of “Diligent, Sincere and Persistent” and said to Huanya leaders with an encourage tone: you well summarized the enterprise spirit, it is the strategic target of Huanya to “produce champion products and create world famous brand”, Warden Shi highly praised it and presented best wishes to Ms. Wu Zhiqing. He said: you did well in enterprise culture construction. He required Huanya to send the electronic version of enterprise culture construction to related department of Luogang District Government, powerfully promote the Huanya enterprise culture and enlighten more enterprise to well construct the enterprise culture.

Then, Shi Qizhu visited Huanya factory and inspected the modern product line, clean workshop, and was deeply impressed by the well-regulated production, he encouraged the enterprise leaders: Huanya production and operation is shiny when I’m listening and seeing, hope you may contribute more to the Development Zone and the country, and add splendor for the national brand. In the Meeting Room on 4/F, Shi Qizhu listened to the report and presented confirmation to the achievements of Huanya, exhorted Huanya Company to carry forward the enterprise spirit, treasure and expand the enterprise achievements, emphasize on product quality and attach importance on R&D.

At noon, under the burning sun, Shi Qizhu visited the construction site of Huanya (Phase II) Research Institute, and was very excited when he saw the new and unique 5-floor building. He was happy for Huanya to possess the top R&D Center in Asia. He said that Huanya was very prospective to produce champion products and create world famous brand.