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Secretary Ling Weixian visited Huanya




On July 8, 2011, Huanya Industrial Park is green in summer and he tall trees are swaying in the wind, the light yellow frangipani appears very shining in front of the building. At 9:30, CPC Guangzhou Development Zone Administrative Committee Director Ling Weixian visited Huanya. With the entrustment of General Manager Hu, the vice chairman Tang Youyue warmly received the delegation of Ling Weixian.

Ling Weixian directly visited the Culture House after getting off the car, and presented high praise to Meifubao and Franic of Huanya, confirmed the enterprise cultural spirit of “Diligent, Sincere and Persistent”; In the Huanya Beauty & Cosmetics Museum, Ling Weixian visited the articles with high interest and expressed the praise now and then. E said: “make the past serve the present, promote the development of the industry and the enterprise with museum”. In the visitation corridor of the production factor, when seeing the splendid samples through the glass window, Ling Weixian said: it was the good method to be responsible for product quality. In the Research Institute, Ling Weixian was attracted by dozens of natural plants including saffron, snow lotus, rose, Jasminum officinale and papaya, and said that Huanya was developing so many and so good products with such precious vegetal materials, suggested us to move this part to the showroom on 1/F. At 11:00, Ling Weixian visited the Huanya Research Institute under high temperature, facing the regular and unique 5-floor building, Ling Weixian looked excited, he said: this was the beautiful building in Guangzhou Science Town. He visited the lobby decoration, and then the fifth floor for decorating various research rooms and product R&D rooms, and said to Huanya staffs that enterprise should emphasize in R&D to make further advances.

Before leaving, Ling Weixian expressed to Huanya staffs that he hoped that Huanya may advance with the times, constantly innovate and construct the museum and enterprise hall with a better plan, construct the new product of Huanya Industrial Park and become the outstanding role of the industrial development.