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Technology empowerment, innovation never stops–Uniasia Group"s 2021 Science and Technology Week was officially launched.




The opening ceremony of "Exhibition Week of Science and Technology Achievements of Uniasia" (hereinafter referred to as Science and Technology Week) was officially held at the Central Asia Research Institute on the morning of December 27, 2021.Chen Qingsheng, Chen Liang, Wan Yuepeng, Vice-Chairmen of the Uniasia Association for Science and Technology, Gong Shengzhao, Secretary-General of the Association, and nearly 100 people including members of the Association, information department, quality engineering department, comprehensive management department, the first-phase factory and the third-phase factory participated.


Concentrate on one's strength and bear fruit


Gong Shengzhao, Secretary-General of the Uniasia Association for Science and Technology, summarized the work of the Association in 2021 and affirmed the scientific and technological innovation and progress of the Association. In 2021, the Uniasia Association for Science and Technology added 34 invention patents, 6 utility model patents and 2 PCT patents in scientific and technological innovation, obtained 6 scientific and technological achievements appraisals (one of which reached the international leading level), and declared 3 famous high-tech products; In terms of standard construction, one national standard was developed, and three group standards were presided over; In Industry-University-Research, join hands with Food College of South China University of Technology to build a postgraduate training base.




Meanwhile, the innovation measures and efficiency improvement actions of various departments such as Uniasia School, Factory and Technology Department, IT Information Management Center, Museum, and Home of Science and Technology Workers have injected vitality into Uniasia's diversified innovation.


In 2021, through the concerted efforts of all departments of the Uniasia Association for Science and Technology, with endless technological innovation and efficiency improvement actions, the Uniasia Association for Science and Technology won the honorary titles of "Advanced Collective of Grass-roots Popular Science Work in Guangzhou" in 2021 and "Outstanding Organizational Unit Award of Children's Popular Science Interpreter Competition in Huangpu District, Guangzhou in 2021".


Get ready to forge ahead and start a new chapter


In the new year, the Uniasia Association for Science and Technology will give full play to the intellectual advantages of talents and build an open and innovative association with both strength and temperature. Create more scientific research achievements by constantly strengthening scientific and technological innovation and tackling key problems; Carry out diversified scientific and technological innovation-related seminars, training and exhibition activities; Popular science activities based on Guangdong Uniasia Beauty and Cosmetics Museum; Effectively perform the duties of the Association for Science and Technology, serve the scientific and technological workers and other measures, fully stimulate the enthusiasm of all staff for scientific and technological innovation, and promote the deployment of scientific and technological innovation arrangements.




At the opening ceremony, the Uniasia Association for Science and Technology awarded awards to scientific and technological workers who made outstanding contributions in science popularization, innovation, quality improvement and efficiency improvement in 2021.Three people, including Zhang Shiyun, won the Science Popularization Award, five people, including Xia Gaohui, won the Science and Technology Innovation Award, and five people, including Xiao Junhui, won the Quality Improvement Award. The R&D team of China won the Uniasia Innovation Team Award for developing 70 kinds of extracts and 23 kinds of exclusive fermented products in 2021.


Technology innovation is the first driving force to lead the development of enterprises. Uniasia Group has achieved a leap from quantity accumulation to quality, and developed many products that are widely loved by consumers through 30 years of continuous technology innovation. The annual Science and Technology Week not only strengthens the consensus of all employees on scientific and technological innovation, but also provides a steady stream of scientific and technological traction and driving force for enterprise innovation and transformation, helping Uniasia Group to build internationally competitive products.