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Uniasia R&D Center won the "Women"s Civilization Post" of Guangdong Women"s Federation.




In February, 2022, in order to commend the advanced, set an example, and guide and inspire women to make contributions in the new journey of building a socialist modernized country in an all-round way and marching towards the goal of the second century, the Guangdong Women's Federation decided to award 200 units the title of "Women's Civilized Post" in Guangdong Province. Among them, the R&D Center of Guangzhou Uniasia Cosmetic Technology Co., Ltd. won this honor.




The female R&D personnel in the Uniasia R&D Center account for 72%, which is the backbone of Uniasia R&D. With unremitting innovation and persistence day after day, the development of Uniasia has been accelerated.


In research and development, they devote themselves to research and innovation, and have achieved fruitful scientific research results. At present, more than 70% of the 129 authorized patents (data as of March 2, 2022) and 35 scientific and technological achievements appraised by Uniasia are led by female R&D personnel, which fully demonstrates her wisdom in scientific research; In terms of academic exchanges, Uniasia R&D Center has published 103 scientific papers, joined hands with many well-known universities in China, trained high-level cosmetics talents, and won one national teaching achievement award and one Guangdong teaching achievement award; In terms of cultural communication, Uniasia R&D Center, relying on Guangdong Uniasia Beauty and Cosmetics Museum, has carried out various popular science activities, making Chinese traditional beauty and cosmetics culture rejuvenate and blossom into a new era.


They have been writing the responsibility and responsibility of women in the new era with strength and tenacity, concentration and innovation.




While winning the "Women's Civilization Post" of Guangdong Women's Federation, in order to further expand the demonstration effect of women's civilization and convey innovative and high-spirited women's role models, Uniasia Group held the March 8th 2022 commendation activity to pay tribute to "Her Strength".


Wu Zhiqing, President of Uniasia Group, presented awards to 20 outstanding female employees who worked hard and made remarkable achievements in their posts.


Four female employees in the R&D Department of System Skin Care Technology, Skin Science R&D Department and R&D Compliance Department won the Phalaenopsis Award for wisdom and virtue by focusing on R&D and bold innovation; Three female employees of the Manufacturing Planning Department, the third-phase factory and the finished product warehousing and logistics department won the Chimei Award for their selfless dedication, regardless of difficulties, through hard work and silent dedication; Marketing eleven female employees of brand business centers such as MEIFUBAO, FRANIC, SEEYOUNG, SKYNFUTURE, VITA LIXIR, MOINA, etc., in order to blaze new trails, be brave to compete first, and win the Peony Award with amazing performance and outstanding style; And two female employees who supported and expanded the human resources center and financial center of the system won the Rose Award for creating value in ordinary posts with meticulous support and guarantee.


At the commendation meeting, Wu Zhiqing, President of Uniasia Group, extended holiday wishes to all the female compatriots in Uniasia.


She said that in the broad social arena, more and more women are active in all walks of life, and they have released their remarkable women's strength by making unremitting efforts, pioneering and enterprising, and bravely breaking through. Wu always encourages every woman to love herself, know how to please herself and dare to do what she wants. By establishing excellent values, giving full play to one's enthusiasm and talents, while always being curious, we can open more boundaries with curiosity and create more values for family, life and society. She believes that inner light is the most beautiful appearance of women.


Women bloom, and strive for a new era. As an important force to support the development of Uniasia, women take youth as the pen and innovation as the ink in every post, and draw the blueprint of Uniasia's development one by one. They never stop exploring; They constantly transcend their own boundaries; They have a kind of strength, dare to innovate, dare to break through, dare to pursue dreams, create extraordinary things from the ordinary, and contribute their wisdom and strength to the high-quality development of Chinese cosmetics.