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Asia was selected into the third batch of "Triple" innovative services list in Guangdong Province.




Recently, Guangdong Drug Administration held a special press conference and released the third batch of 26 "Triple" innovative service lists (key projects, key enterprises and key areas of biomedical industry).Uniasia is listed as a "key enterprise" list.




In recent years, in order to promote the modernization and comprehensive reform of the drug regulatory system and regulatory capacity, continuously optimize the business environment, and lead and help Guangdong's biomedical industry to achieve comprehensive and high-quality development, Guangdong Drug Administration has launched a series of innovative measures. Among them, the policy of "Triple Innovation Service" was officially released in 2021, aiming at innovating supervision and service methods, taking the demand of innovation and development as the guide, boosting the listing of innovative products, making enterprises bigger and stronger, and innovating and developing industries. The selection criteria of this batch of key enterprises mainly consider the innovation leading, sustainable development and advanced demonstration of enterprises.




Since the implementation of the "Triple Innovation Service" policy for one year, three batches of 65 "Triple Innovation Service" lists have been published. The implementation of this policy will be an important turning point for cosmetics industry in Guangdong province and the whole China. This means that the state has begun to strengthen the support and funding for innovative enterprises, and the cosmetics industry will enter a new stage of "innovation".


Innovation is an inexhaustible motive force to promote the sustainable development of an industry, and it is also the key to the rise of national brands and enterprises. How to thoroughly implement the concept of innovation and development, demand kinetic energy from independent innovation, and build a brand moat with the key core technologies of independent intellectual property rights are the important responsibilities that national enterprises must bear to cope with the changing times. Uniasia has been listed as a key enterprise this time, which is closely related to the continuous innovation of scientific research and the persistent exploration of enterprise digitalization and informatization construction.




Nowadays, Uniasia has obtained 141 authorized patents, including 66 invention patents, 17 utility models and 58 designs. Won 29 scientific and technological progress awards at all levels, including 9 provincial and ministerial awards, 1 special award, 4 first prizes, 9 second prizes and 15 third prizes; A total of 103 scientific and technological academic papers have been published, and 35 scientific and technological achievements have been appraised (among which 2 are international leaders and 2 are international advanced); There are 14 existing high-tech products, including 3 famous high-tech products; Participate in the revision of 14 standards, including 2 national standards, 1 industry standard and 11 group standards.Uniasia has been successfully approved high-tech enterprises, Guangdong Uniasia Daily Cosmetics Academician Workstation, Guangdong Traditional Chinese Medicine Daily Cosmetics (Uniasia) Engineering Technology Research Center, Guangdong Enterprise Technology Center, Guangzhou Enterprise Research and Development Institute, Guangzhou Innovative Enterprise, Guangzhou Innovation Benchmark Hundred Enterprises, Guangdong Industrial Design Center, Guangzhou Huangpu Post-doctoral Innovation Center, Guangdong Doctor Workstation, etc.(Data as of May 13, 2022)




At the same time, Uniasia, as the first batch of enterprises in China that have passed the evaluation of the integration management system of industrialization and industrialization, has realized the real-time online control of industrial Internet production through the deep integration application of informatization and industrialization, and is gradually moving towards digitalization, intelligent factories and informatization of the whole process management.


The space breadth of Chinese brands has been expanding in recent years from made in China to created in China. From creative design, scientific research and technology, enterprise management to marketing model and business model, Chinese enterprises have interpreted the charm of national brands in the times through firm innovation.Uniasia will unswervingly continue to make efforts in product technological innovation, brand upgrading and intelligent manufacturing, break through the industry development problems, continue to promote the frontier scientific exploration in the field of cosmetics research, promote the transformation and upgrading of regional industrial structure with innovative power, boost the high-quality development of cosmetics industry in Guangdong Province, and jointly enhance the international competitiveness of China's cosmetics industry.