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Industry-University-Research cooperates to promote quality development--Uniasia signs a strategic contract with Guangzhou Institute of Quality Supervision and Inspection




On November 18th, 2021, Guangzhou Institute of Quality Supervision and Inspection (hereinafter referred to as "Guangzhou Quality Inspection Institute") and Guangzhou Uniasia Cosmetics Technology Co., Ltd. held the signing ceremony of "International Comparative Research and Improvement Project of Shampoo and Hair Care Cosmetics Quality" in Guangzhou Quality Inspection Institute. Wu Shuhuan, Party Secretary and President of Guangzhou Quality Inspection Institute, Vice President He Guoshan, Director of  Chemical Business Division Guo Changhong, Deputy Director Tan Jianhua, Deputy Director Li Xinyu, Deputy Director Li Lu , Wu Zhiqing, President  of Uniasia Group, Chen Liang, Vice President of Manufacturing, Chen Qingsheng, Vice President of Research Institute, He Jingyu, R&D Manager of Chinese prescription, and other leaders attended the meeting.


Industry-University-Research joins hands to consolidate the foundation of high quality.




Wu Shuhuan, Party Secretary and President of Guangzhou Quality Inspection Institute, welcomed Wu Zhqing, President of Uniasia Group, and his party. President Wu Shuhuan told Uniasia and his party about the development of Guangzhou Quality Inspection Institute, which has been deeply involved in the cosmetic field for more than 50 years, and has developed into a leader in the cosmetic testing service industry. It is the largest public testing technology service platform with the strongest comprehensive strength and the widest range of capabilities. It is the only technical institution in China that integrates the national cosmetics inspection center and key laboratories. It has a talented team with excellent professional ability and outstanding comprehensive quality, equipped with a large number of sophisticated instruments and equipment, and serves the government's scientific supervision and won a number of national honors. He said that this strategic signing, giving full play to the technical advantages and innovation ability of Guangzhou Quality Inspection Institute, and uniting Uniasia's position in the industry and industrial chain, will effectively solve the difficulties and pain points encountered in the high-quality development process of cosmetics industry.




Strong alliance drives high-quality development.




Ms. Wu Zhiqing, President of Uniasia Group, said that this was the second discussion and exchange after the main leaders of Guangzhou Quality Inspection Institute visited Uniasia in August this year. The arrival of Uniasia today is an alliance between two institutions and enterprises with innovative pursuit. Guangzhou Quality Inspection Institute not only shoulders the inspection work, but also is the backbone of promoting the high-quality development of all walks of life.Uniasia has been deeply involved in cosmetics industry for 30 years, and she believes that innovation is always the long-term way for enterprise development. Therefore, Uniasia has been committed to the deep integration of Industry-University-Research, and has reached extensive and multi-dimensional technical cooperation with many research institutes, universities and expert teams at home and abroad. Uniasia has jointly promoted the pace of innovation through talent exchange, technology integration and knowledge collision. She believes that relying on the technical advantages of Guangzhou Quality Inspection Institute in product testing and the industrial chain advantages of Uniasia in R&D and production, the continuous and deepening exchanges and cooperation between the two Parties will have far-reaching significance in promoting the development and progress of Uniasia and even national cosmetics.




As China's cosmetics market occupies a pivotal position in the global market, China has entered the wrestling field of the global cosmetics strategic layout, prompting China's cosmetics industry to develop towards high level, high quality and internationalization. The signing of Uniasia and Guangzhou Quality Inspection Institute is the consensus reached by the two Parties to respond to the call of national innovation-driven development strategy and implement the requirements of high-quality development of cosmetics industry. The two Parties will make full use of their respective resource advantages, integrate technology and information resources in the industry, strengthen the integration and complementarity of advantages, give full play to the enthusiasm, initiative and creativity of the two Parties, build a long-term strategic cooperation platform, inject new kinetic energy into the development of cosmetics industry, and accelerate the construction of China's quality power.