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UNIASIA A NEW ERA 2020 Worth Looking Forward To


        The 11th Annual Meeting of Uniasia Group was solemnly opened at Zhuhai Chimelong Hengqin Bay Hotel on Feb. 22, 2020. The leaders of UniAsia Group attended the meeting, including the Chairman Hu Xingguo, President Wu Zhiqing, Vice-president Hu Genhua, Vice-president of Marketing Cheng Yingqi, Vice-president of Manufacturing Chen Liang and HR Vice-president Wu Jiankui. The theme of the annual meeting “Reconstruction of Marketing Ecology and Redefinition of the Future” means that UniAsia Group is committed to exploring a new business model for future development of the enterprise with a new dimension and vision.



Explore New Business Models-- Live Broadcasting Business + MWW

        Chairman of Uniasia Group Hu Xingguo made an opening speech.

        Mr. Hu said that CS channel encountered e-commerce diversion and pressure from international brands in 2019, but in the overall situation, China’s economic growth rate was still at the forefront of the world. China is still the most dynamic economy in the world. The consumer market of 1.4 billion people and the huge consumption upgrading provide development opportunities for brands. He mentioned that UniAsia, which had developed from CS channel, would continue to pay attention to CS channel in 2020 and help the transformation of CS channel by introducing innovation kinetic energy into offline business model.




Hu Xingguo, Chairman of Uniasia Group


        In 2020, Uniasia will establish the MCN organization to give the offline CS terminals energy with the advantage of its own platform. It will help offline beauty stores increase data flow with the help of small videos and live broadcast to realize mutual promotion of online and offline businesses. UniAsia will carry out a new round of reform on "MWW"on the layout of offline channels in 2020. The original whole store output mode will be upgraded to the beauty supply chain platform so as to realize the direct supply of manufacturers to stores. The “meow bar” management service system will be set up.




        There is no doubt that the dual-strategy of live broadcasting business & meow bar will create a new world for the future marketing of Uniasia. “In the view of the domestic economic environment, I am still optimistic about domestic brands and national brands!” said Mr. Hu. He has high expectations for the market in 2020 and believes the economic situation next year will be better.


Create a New UniAsia Ecology with the Five Projects Leading Innovation

        Wu Zhiqing, President of Uniasia Group, shared the new business ideas of Uniasia in the 5G era with partners from all over the country at the meeting. UniAsia made a number of breakthroughs in 2019 and a new ecological pattern of intensive R & D, intelligent manufacturing, digital management, international talent structure and platform-based enterprise management has been formed, according to President Wu. Each of the projects is a good interpretation of the market environment and industry environment in 2020.




 Wu Zhiqing, President of Uniasia Group


        Uniasia has a R & D team of more than 100 people at present and it has established the first cosmetics academician workstation in China. Besides, the group has obtained 90 patents, including 28 invention patents, and has established an internationally leading R & D system in cooperation with a number of scientific research institutions and universities.

        In terms of “intelligent manufacturing”,Uniasia has a management and control platform of whole-process industrial Internet big data, in addition to its solid manufacturing strength and strong product line. UniAsia is the first cosmetics enterprise that has passed the examination of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China and obtained the qualification certificate in China.

        In terms of “digital management”, Uniasia has connected all data links. It not only understands the internal situation of the enterprise, but also can quickly understand the needs of consumers, so as to make the most accurate decision in brand operation.

        The marketing of UniAsia has covered 15 countries and regions around the world, so Uniasia has a wide talent reserve in terms of construction of international talent structure.

        As for the platform-based enterprise management, President Wu thinks it is Uniasia’s best wealth. UniAsia is a big platform, which provides opportunities for people from all walks of life to show their talents. UniAsia will continue to integrate global resources, promote mass entrepreneurship and create a new ecology for UniAsia.


Build a New Future for UniAsia with Eight Marketing Innovations

        Cheng Yingqi, Vice-president of Marketing of Uniasia Group, introduced the future marketing layout and development of the group based on the “Eight Innovations” at the meeting.




 Cheng Yingqi, Vice-president of Marketing of Uniasia Group


        Mr. Cheng thinks that we can embrace the future only when we keep pace with the times. In 2020, UniAsia will launch eight innovations, “new youth, new international, new retail, new e-commerce, new promotion, new live broadcast, new stores and new models”, to help Uniasia open a new era, of which the new live broadcast business is the key innovation in 2020. Mr. Cheng stressed that, in the era of new retail stores, it was particularly important to adhere to model innovation to drive development and lay out the omni-channel ecosystem by integrating the advantageous resources. In the future, UniAsia will strengthen the short video business, fully develop the live broadcast marketing system and realize full live broadcast. UniAsia will effectively connect online and offline data flow to achieve a win-win future with all partners.


Realize the Long-term Brand Value with Big Data & New Retail

        Hu Genhua, Vice-president of Uniasia Group, shared his views on new formats, new models and new consumption at the meeting. He thinks that anyone can become a retailer and realize sales in any scenario with the development of Internet Ecology. Retail stores need to be able to interact with consumers and create interactive content, establish the specific data of flow that belongs to the store itself through operation, and realize the relationship chain across space. “It will not difficult to start a business if you put your heart into it. The market is now diversified. There are many business opportunities and lots of new business models to try.” ,said Mr. Hu at the meeting.




Hu Genhua, Vice-president of Uniasia Group 

        Mr. Hu also said that Uniasia had been making steady progress towards its dream step by step with the development in the past 29 years. As the  major brands of the group maintain a steady development trend, UniAsia is improving its product matrix by making a comprehensive layout of new brands to seize the market segments of categories with technological innovation and positioning differences. At present, UniAsia brands cover skin care, fragrance and body care, washing and care, cosmetics, personal care and home cleaning, health and other categories.

        Uniasia in the future will interact with consumers in a more active and innovative way. The customer’s interests, products, data flow, and consumer experience will form a closed loop around “growth”. UniAsia will truly realize the fine management of users and building the long-term value of the brands.


UNIASIA  A NEW ERA   2020  Worth Looking Forward To

        Hu Xingguo, Chairman of Uniasia Group, has once said that UniAsia New Era has two meanings, that is, the leader of natural cosmetics in China and the practitioner of internationalization. Uniasia interpreted its in-depth understanding of the “new era” to the outside world with practical actions in 2019. UniAsia today is not only a company but also an efficient development platform for continuously incubating new technologies, new brands and new models.




        Uniasia is getting ready for a new development pattern in a new year. It can be foreseen that UniAsia in 2020 is worth looking forward to!