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Leading the industry trend, Uniasia glories “Oscar of the cosmetics industry" two awards


        On July 22, the Chinese Cosmetics Blue Rose Award Ceremony hosted by Pinguan APP was held as scheduled. It is reported that this award is divided into four chapters: manufacturing, brand, marketing and retail. A total of 15 awards were awarded to fully reward enterprises and individuals for their outstanding contributions to China's cosmetics industry. SEEYUONG, the non-silicone oil Body & Hair brand owned by Uniasia, won the "Most influential brand of the year", and the technological SKYNFUTURE brand won the "Most powerful brand of the year".

        The Blue Rose Award has become the industry's most heavyweight and gold-bearing honor after years of precipitation and development, known as the "Oscar of the cosmetics industry". Its aim is to set a benchmark for leading enterprises with strategic development goals in the industry, so as to enhance the creativity and overall brand pattern of the entire cosmetics industry. The Uniasia Group won two awards at one stroke, fully demonstrating the leading market influence, marketing innovation and brand vitality in the daily chemical industry of Uniasia.



Left 3: Meng Fei, General Manager of SEEYUONG Marketing Center




        Among the two award-winning brands of Uniasia, the leading brand of silicone-free care, "SEE YOUNG SEEYUONG", has been operating carefully for many years to make silicone-free care a unique symbol of the brand. With differentiated product positioning and marketing strategies aimed at young people, market position of SEEYUONG as a leader in domestic Body & Hair can be called a coronation of strength! According to 2019 Euro monitor International statistics, SEEYUONG's share of the domestic Body & Hair market is 31.5% based on 2018 retail sales, ranking first in the country *. However, the new brand "SKYNFUTURE Skin Future" launched by Uniasia at the end of 2018 has emerged in Generation Z, adhering to the new concept of "Effective ingredients + scientific skin care", continuously pursuing new appearance, new technology and new products, and embracing young groups with dazzling young images.



 Right One: Vice President of Uniasia Group & Hu Genhua, Founder of SKYNFUTURE Brand




        This award is the industry's recognition of the achievements in innovation, development and brand operation of Uniasia over the years. Uniasia will not forget its initial heart, forge ahead, seek common development with the industry, inject new vitality into China's daily chemical industry, and help China's national brands move towards the world.