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The pursuit of excellence will never stop and Uniasia Group won another honor


On February 28, the 5th meeting of the 5th Council of Guangzhou “Three Meetings” with the theme of “Fight together, struggle together” and the spring tea fellowship were successfully held in Liuhua hotel. More than 300 Heads and representatives from various municipal associations, chambers of commerce, Macao chamber of commerce and other organizations, as well as Heads and representatives of the member organizations of the 5th Guangzhou “Three Meetings” Council attended the event. Hu Yan and Wang Lu, Deputy Secretary General of Guangzhou's “Three Meetings”, presided over the meeting.


Fourth on the right: Ms. Wu Zhiqing, President of Uniasia Group


Chen Kaizhi, honorary president of Guangzhou's “Three Meetings” and former chairman of Guangzhou's the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (C.P.P.C.C.), Chen Weiguang, honorary president of Guangzhou's “Three Meetings” and former Deputy Director of Guangzhou's National People's Congress, Liu Jinxiang, honorary President of Guangzhou's “Three Meetings” and former Deputy Mayor of Guangzhou's Municipal Government, Chen Qiqi, former Deputy Mayor of Guangzhou's Municipal Government, Zeng Yuanfeng, honorary President of Guangzhou's “Three Meetings” and former Secretary General of Guangzhou's National People's Congress, honorary President of Guangzhou's “Three Meetings” are Wang Dongsheng, Guan Runqi, Li Zhiyuan and Qu Zongjie, and Presidium Chairmen: Bu Xiaoqiang, Wen Dongwei, Yang Jinlian, Li Lixin, Xu Huaiyi, and Cjief Supervisor Wai-Man Cheng




Wang Ze, the new President, first delivered a welcoming speech. He warmly welcomed the Heads and guests who came to the meeting. He said that General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out during his inspection tour in Guangdong that private enterprises have made great contributions to China's economic development, which is a reassurance for small and medium-sized enterprises. As representatives of employers' organizations, Guangzhou's “Three Meetings” will deeply understand and implement the important speech of the General Secretary and provide enterprises with multi-level and high-quality services. President Wang said that this year the “Three Meetings” will continue to keep pace with the times and set up a "Third conference room" to carry out new activities such as Guangzhou enterprise brand day, Guangzhou small and medium-sized micro-enterprise day, countries visit along the "One Belt And One Road" route, and the association of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Macao and the Great Bay Area Consultative Council, which will serve member enterprises and continuously enhance their comprehensive strength and competitiveness.




Next, Secretary-General Deng Jijin made 2018 work report and financial report. He reviewed several major activities and achievements of the “Three Meetings” in the past year. He pointed out that the “Three Meetings” in 2018 have achieved good results in coordinating the tripartite mechanism of labor relations, member services, brand projects, publicity, internal construction and party building work, and have successfully completed all work tasks throughout the year, centering on the six service functions of "Safeguarding rights, communication, docking, training, reputation and publicity" and aiming at serving member enterprises and entrepreneurs.




“On the Proposal to supplement and adjust the members of the 5th Board of Directors of Guangzhou industrial economic association, Guangzhou enterprise association and Guangzhou entrepreneur association” Report by Yu min, Vice President of the “Three Meetings” of Guangzhou .


 First from the left: Ms Wu zhiqing, president of Uniasia Group


At the meeting, in order to better play the role of “Three Meetings” as a bridge link and example, ten leading enterprises in the industry that have made important contributions to the regional economy in economic development were especially commended. Uniasia Group won the honor of "2018 special contribution enterprise" for its high quality development strength. Uniasia Group president Wu Zhiqing attended the meeting and received the commendation.




After 28 years of intensive cultivation in the daily chemical industry, Uniasia's high-quality development is based on its own innovation in research and development, production, management and marketing. It benefits from the support of all sectors of society and is closely linked to the good economic environment and favorable policies created by the government. Drink from the source, and nurturing society is the bounden duty of Uniasia. The launch of Meifubao Sunshine Project is an important step in the process of public welfare nurturing of Uniasia. Up to now, Meifubao Sunshine Project has visited more than 1,900 schools, gathered more than 8,000 sunshine volunteers, and helped 340,000 left-behind children. In the future, Uniasia will continue to stick to innovation, strive to achieve sustained and rapid development of enterprises, make greater contributions to the economic development of the region and shoulder its responsibilities.