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Beauty knows no borders, Global Journey: International Material Giant Firmenich Visiting Uniasia


      On March 21, the global raw material giant Firmenich team visited Uniasia. Ms. Wu Zhiqing president of Uniasia Group, Mr. Cheng Yingqi, vice president of marketing, and Mr. Meng Fei, General Manager of SEEYUONG Marketing Center were warmly received. Senior executives of the two Parties have conducted in-depth discussions and exchanges on global fragrance raw materials, research and development technologies, etc., and shared the development trend and future of the fragrance industry.




Entering Museum and Enterprise Center to Witness Aesthetic Details

      Accompanied by Mr. Cheng Yingqi, Vice President of marketing of Uniasia Group and his party, the guests visited the Uniasia Museum and the Enterprise Center to experience the millennium Chinese beauty and makeup civilization, witness the profound cultural background of Uniasia, highlight the vitality of China's daily chemical industry, and attract the appreciation and affirmation of the visiting guests. Firmenich expressed that: they are deeply impressed by the Uniasia Museum and said it was shocked by the high-quality development of Uniasia. Moreover, we deeply feel that the Uniasia museum is of great significance to the inheritance of Chinese cosmetic culture, which is also the mission of Uniasia as a leader in the Chinese cosmetic industry.




Join hands with top international perfumers to win the future of daily chemicals.

      During this interaction, the two Parties exchanged views on the development trend of cosmetics industry, raw material selection, research and development technology, etc. Firmenich intends to show Uniasia its innovative essence technology, precise research tools and business development strategy. Uniasia also has in-depth communication on relevant raw material issues, and the two Parties are mutually beneficial and win-win.

      Originating from Switzerland, Firmenich aims to provide flavors and fragrances to the world's most famous brands. For more than 120 years, Firmenich has maintained its independence and has become the world's largest flavor and fragrance giant. Its fragrance raw materials "are born to be good and adopt natural methods", which are in line with the preferences of Chinese consumers. This coincides with Uniasia, which is committed to "Becoming a leader in natural cosmetics", and has far-reaching inspiration for the development and production of Francesca, a natural organic skin care brand, and SEEYUONG, a silicone-free scalp care brand.




International raw materials, quality above all else.

      Create brand culture with ingenuity spirit, conduct product research and development with ingenuity quality, and serve consumers with ingenuity concept. Uniasia has attached great importance to product quality and use experience for a long time. It has also selected top-quality raw materials worldwide while continuously pursuing the world's cutting-edge technology.

      Joining hands with Firmenich is not only a clarion call for Uniasia to further internationalize, but also a high interpretation of the development concept of "Go out, invite in". In fact, Uniasia has already put forward the development goal of "Integrating global resources, promoting mass entrepreneurship, and creating a new ecological environment for Uniasia" as early as 2018. This in-depth communication with Firmenich is precisely the further promotion of the strategy of integrating global resources for Uniasia. 





      Finally, the two Parties exchanged gifts and took photos to freeze this memorable moment in the history of beauty and makeup. Uniasia also hopes to break the global boundaries and bring new opportunities for the cooperation between China and foreign countries in daily chemical market through communication of world resources. Uniasia has always adhered to the corporate mission of "Natural cosmetics leader" to raise the brand value, product research and development, and service experience to a higher level and inject new elements into the development of China's cosmetics industry through the integration of global resources whether in the past, present or future.