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Top Talk, Brand Win-win: Langtouhui Enters Uniasia Group


      As the cosmetics industry matures gradually, the role of professional managers becomes more and more valuable.

      On March 31, the 7th Forum of Professional Managers organized by "CHINA COMMERCE ASSOCIATION FOR GENERAL MECHANDISE-Langtouhui" and "Beauty Makeup Headlines" entered Uniasia. Cheng Yingqi, Vice President of Marketing of Uniasia Group, Meng Fei, General Manager of SEEYUONG Brand Marketing Center, Zhang Yaoyuan, Director of Skin Future Marketing Department and other senior executives visited Uniasia Group together with nearly 30 senior professional managers in the industry. After that, a profound exchange was held on the theme of "differentiation and rejuvenation of brand value", and the current situation and future of the industry were discussed from different perspectives, bringing new enlightenment to the guests present.




Sharing Resources and Creating a Win-win Ecological Chain

      At the beginning of the meeting, Yao Yongbin, Secretary General of the Beauty branch of China department store business association and founder of the founder of Langtouhui, introduced the Langtouhui. Chen Hao, vice president of sales of Langtouhui member MARUBI Group, and Gai Dongning, Planning Director of Tencent south China express also came to the scene to help. As a club for senior professional managers of cosmetics in China, Langtouhui aims to create a platform for high-end social communication and industry exchange for cosmetic managers. The aim is to improve the efficiency of trade exchanges and to improve the ability and quality of professional managers in China's cosmetics industry as soon as possible.



Yao Yongbin, founder of Langtouhui


      In fact, Uniasia has been committed to promoting exchanges and docking between important talents and enterprises, hoping to achieve win-win brand and further promote the development of China's daily chemical industry. In recent years, in order to improve the quality of the Company's team, Uniasia has practiced the concept of "Go out, invite in" and led the team abroad to carry out extensive exchanges every year to continuously improve its innovation ability.


      Uniasia hopes that through this forum for the exchange of cosmetics talents, it can spread Uniasia's thinking and hear more suggestions from the industry so as to inject new elements into the future development of Uniasia.


Value communication, focusing on rejuvenation strategy

     Meng Fei, General Manager of SEEYUONG Brand Marketing Center, exchanged with professional managers "How to create the value and rejuvenation of SEEYUONG brand" and shared how SEEYUONG won the favor of generation Z.


      Generation Z, they have multi-dimensional values, like strong personal style, strong and rich self-awareness, and always pursue the most fashionable trend. They spend more cautiously and rationally than millennials, pay attention to quality, and are more receptive to trendy brands that are good-looking, fun and easy to use.



 Meng Fei, General Manager of SEEYUONG Brand Marketing Center


    As a outstanding person in brand rejuvenation, SEEYUONG has always been innovative, aggressive and interactive with young consumer groups in the face of the demand of the main groups of new ecological consumption to "Publicize personality" and "Pursue health". Heavy weight to launch younger products: Zhi Xuan series, Meng Xiang series; Focus on Youku and name it the popular variety show "This is Original";  Creating "Scalp Care Festival" and other games has won the favor of many young people.


    The sharing of Meng Fei has provided new ideas and inspiration for the development of cosmetics market in the new retail era, and has won high recognition from professional managers present here.


Creating Innovative Brands with Young Teams

      Zhang Yaoyuan, Director of the Skynfuture Marketing Department, deeply analyzed the market trend of the daily chemical industry, discussed with the guests "how to create a young brand that dares to innovate with a young team with attitude" and shared relevant successful cases, winning full applause.


    He said: Consumers are shifting from the post-80s to the post-90s, and the trend of rejuvenation is becoming more and more obvious.  However, the target consumer group purchases skin care products from focusing on efficacy to focusing on ingredients, relying on products with scientific and technological content. The future of skin is such a "brand of scientific and technological skin care and rejuvenation born from convenience". In the future, skin will create products that meet the tastes of young people with accurate consumer insight and in ways that young people like.  Focus on the composition party do not tell stories, only reason, use effective ingredients + technology to protect skin, really impress young consumer groups.


    Accurate consumer insight, in-depth dialogue with young people, and rejuvenation and upgrading of brands are essential elements for maintaining brand freshness in the new retail era. Uniasia hopes to bring the industry different management thinking and brand thinking through the communication with professional managers.



Zhang Yaoyuan, Director of Future Skynfuture Marketing Department


Views Confronted, New Breakthrough Achieved

      Gai Dongning, Planning Director of Tencent's South China Express, explored "Youth Z Power and Tencent Generation Z Group Insight" with guests and shared the classic case of brand rejuvenation. He said: the brand can create "IP" to attract fans to help, thus getting younger release, and put forward marketing suggestions, providing a new direction for the presence of personnel to achieve new breakthroughs in the brand.



Gai Dongning, Planning Director of Tencent South China Express


      There is a clash of views since it is a forum. Professional managers have taken this opportunity to communicate with Uniasia about the development of the enterprise and brand building. Uniasia executives have unreservedly shared their experiences and opinions on the development of the industry.



Cheng Yingqi, Vice President of marketing of Uniasia Group, leads professional managers to visit Uniasia.  


    Creating value, spreading value and interactive value are the significance of this forum. Obviously, this forum has become a high-quality industry exchange tour. I believe that every professional manager has benefited greatly from the exchange of views and the collision of ideas through this exchange. Uniasia will also have more new inspiration in the future enterprise development and brand building.