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Global Vision, Defining the Future-The Second Medium and Long Term Strategic Meeting of Uniasia Group is Held


      On April 19-21, 2019, The Second Medium and Long Term Strategic Meeting of Uniasia Group was solemnly held in Huizhou. With the theme of "Global Vision, Defining the Future", this strategic seminar was attended by more than 100 management members of the Group to discuss the future development direction and explore new development models in the new era from a new perspective. The meeting not only serves as a link between the previous round of strategic planning, but also provides guidance for the future direction of change in Uniasia.



      At the meeting, Mr Hu Xingguo, Chairman of Uniasia Group, made an opening speech for the meeting. Chairman Hu said that 2019 will be the most significant reform and innovation period in Uniasia, and the enterprise needs to undergo a change in the concept of full staff. He stressed that under the current situation of great changes in knowledge structure, scientific and technological trends and operating environment, Uniasia must constantly explore the way of enterprise innovation and break the conventional innovative business model.


      He pointed out that the new brand incubation model brought about by Uniasia's "mass entrepreneurship" mechanism will give more vitality to enterprise development, thus bringing large-scale growth to Uniasia. At the same time, Chairman Hu believes that Uniasia should have a clearer strategic layout and detailed development route, and the research and development system, supply chain system and talent system of the enterprise should match the group's strategic development. Uniasia people must create the most beautiful era with the best brilliance.




Hu Xingguo, Chairman of Uniasia Group


      Ms. Wu Zhiqing, President of the Group, made a comprehensive review and summary of the development of Uniasia in the past 28 years, shared her research and insight on the current global development trend of the cosmetics industry and the current development situation of domestic and foreign cosmetics enterprises, and put forward the future business model innovation direction and brand structure assumption of Uniasia around the strategic direction of the Group in 2019.


      President Wu always said that enterprises need direction and sense of mission. These two factors determine how far enterprises can go. In 2019, Uniasia will create a full-scale entrepreneurial mechanism and a complete ecological chain of win-win marketing from a global brand perspective. She hopes that the management and think tanks of Uniasia can speak out freely and pool their efforts to draw a clearer blueprint for the medium and long-term development of Uniasia.



 Wu Zhiqing, President of Uniasia Group


      During the three-day seminar, the senior management of the Group, the brand business centers and the management of various functional departments have gone through internal discussions and cross-departmental discussions, and all the people's thoughts have been deeply blended and collided. The meeting not only yielded many valuable suggestions and ideas, but also firmly consolidated the team strength of Uniasia people and inspired everyone to forge ahead for common goals.




 General Manager of Uniasia Group Brand Management Center

Hu Genhua, General Manager of Skynfuture Career Center


Cheng Yingqi, Vice President of marketing of Uniasia Group


Wu Jiankui, HR Vice President of Uniasia Group


      As a cosmetic enterprise closely following the pulse of China's daily chemical industry and creating a national brand with ingenuity and pragmatism, Uniasia has developed since 1991, and every strategic plan and decision has established its current strength and industry position. Change is the current situation facing Uniasia, and it is also a convenient choice.



 Heads of Departments of Uniasia Group


      In the new era environment, Uniasia will take value cultivation and innovation as its important guiding ideology, adopt a more open, inclusive and win-win mentality and strategic thinking, and make a more rational and clear layout for accelerating the upgrading of corporate brand matrix to the higher end of global value chain.