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ChenYini, Vice Chairman of Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the Chinese People"s Political Consultative Conference (C.P.P.C.C.), visited Uniasia, Vice President Company of the “Three Meetings”


      On the morning of April 23, ChenYini, Vice Chairman of Guangzhou Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (C.P.P.C.C.), and his party visited Uniasia Group, the Vice President Company of the “Three Meetings” in Guangzhou, for investigation. Ms Wu Zhiqing, President of Uniasia, warmly received Chen Yini, vice chairman of the party and introduced the situation of the enterprise. Wang Zexin, President of Guangzhou's “Three Meetings” and Deng Jijin, Secretary General, accompanied the investigation.




      Vice Chairman ChenYini first affirmed the outstanding achievements made by Uniasia. She pointed out that Uniasia has been making cosmetics with concentration, focus on making cosmetics professionally for 28 years, and has achieved very good results. It is the industry leader. Uniasia has also taken the initiative to assume social responsibilities, launched various public welfare activities, and established the world's first museum of Chinese beauty cosmetics history, the Guangdong Uniasia Beauty Cosmetics Museum, which has made outstanding contributions to the industry. She stressed that this visit left a very deep impression, felt the strong corporate culture of Uniasia, and had different understanding and feelings about cosmetics. at the same time, she was full of confidence in domestic cosmetics brands and hoped Uniasia would do better and better in the future. 




       Wang Zexin, President, said that Uniasia is a benchmark in the industry and an outstanding representative of national brands. Uniasia has always been committed to creating good products for customers, creating good lives for employees, creating good brands for the nation, working hard, pioneering and innovating, creating miracles again and again and achieving very good results, which is gratifying. While developing and strengthening, Uniasia will not forget to contribute to the development of the industry. It will actively participate in the development of the industry, not only offering advice and suggestions, but also putting itself into practice. It  will promote the steady development of the industry through the construction of industry museums, etc. It  is an example for the majority of enterprises to learn from. He stressed that Guangzhou's “Three Meetings" as a bridge between the government and enterprises will continue to play the role of a bridge link, build a platform and promote the healthy, stable and high-quality development of enterprises.




       Uniasia President Wu Zhiqing warmly welcomed Chen Yini and his party. She said that vice chairman Chen and his party's visit to Uniasia is an affirmation of Uniasia and an encouragement. She said that Uniasia, as a cosmetics enterprise, has been working hard in product research and development, brand building, personnel training and other aspects, constantly consolidating the foundation and becoming a real enterprise. Only by making the enterprise real and strong can the enterprise be made bigger for a long time and become a century-old enterprise. She stressed that Uniasia's corporate vision is a champion product, a world famous brand and a leader in natural cosmetics. She believes that with the efforts of Uniasia and the care and support of all sectors of society, Uniasia will surely achieve its goals. She hoped that Vice President Chen and his party would put forward more valuable opinions and suggestions to help promote the development of Uniasia.




       Yu Juan, manager of the General Management Department of Uniasia, introduced the basic situation of Uniasia. She pointed out that Uniasia is a comprehensive beauty cosmetics enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and training. Currently, it has brands such as Meifubao, Francesca, Elegant, SEEYUONG and MOR. She also explained and shared the Company's brand building, production and operation, information management, publicity and promotion, charity and public welfare, etc in detail.




       Everyone exchanged views on the development of Uniasia, products, brands and cultural construction. The delegation also watched videos of the song of the enterprise, the basic situation of the enterprise, brand building and public welfare activities, visited museums and exhibition halls of the enterprise, and thoroughly understood the development of Uniasia.