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International Exchange, Technology Sharing-China-SCC 2019 International Cosmetic Technology Exchange Salon Held in Uniasia


      On April 26, China-SCC 2019 International Cosmetic Technology Exchange Salon was held in Uniasia. Famous Italian expert Dr. Luigi Rigano was invited as the guest speaker to share and exchange technologies on the theme of "Optimizing Cosmetic Process Management-From Formula to Production". The meeting was attended by more than 70 technical personnel from the cosmetics industry, who came from different enterprises. It can be described as a high-standard international cosmetics technology exchange event.




      It is understood that China-SCC was established in 2015. Its full name is China-SCC, the Professional Committee of Cosmetic Chemists of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Beauty and Cosmetic Industry Chamber of Commerce. Its purpose is to promote the development of China's cosmetics science and technology and encourage the scientific research and technological innovation of cosmetics. This exchange is based on technology sharing from a global perspective and is conducive to promoting the technological progress of China's cosmetics industry and the integration of China's cosmetics manufacturing with the world.


      The meeting had the honor to invite Dr. Luigi Rigano, an Italian expert who was awarded an honorary certificate at the 2017 IFSCC meeting. He has more than 40 years industry experience, and has served in well-known multinational enterprises such as Unilever and Yingteli, assisting many multinational enterprises to establish and optimize cosmetic process systems, such as South Korea's Amore Pacific and Colombia's Belcorp, etc. He has rich experience.




 Above image is: Italian expert Dr. Luigi Rigano


      Cosmetic manufacturing is a very complicated production process. Every step is very important in formulation research and development, efficacy test, safety test, packaging design, board trial, adjustment test and production. The whole process from formulation to production is very long and involves many departments. How to scientifically manage the whole process so that the whole process of cosmetics from formulation to production can be orderly and smoothly promoted is a problem that every cosmetics manufacturer pays close attention to.




       At the meeting, Dr. Luigi Rigano focused on the "pilot test" to share the technology for everyone. He said: "Pilot test" is the test before the product is officially put into production. The goal is to achieve model duplication, thus making the process the most simplified and the effect the safest. In addition, the "Application of vacuum conditions" was explained in detail with vivid cases, which enabled everyone to have a new understanding of international manufacturing and impressed the guests present.


      The atmosphere at the meeting was very warm. Dr. Luigi Rigano and the guests here had an exchange and interaction on cosmetics manufacturing and other aspects. People in the industry exchanged views with each other. In the collision of thoughts, the guests all said that they benefited a lot.


      At the end of the meeting, the guests visited the Uniasia museum and the enterprise museum,   experienced the millennial Chinese beauty and makeup civilization, witnessed the profound cultural background of Uniasia, demonstrated the vitality of China's daily chemical industry, and attracted the appreciation and affirmation of the visiting guests. Guests expressed in succession that they were deeply impressed by the Uniasia museum and felt that the Uniasia museum is of great significance to the inheritance of Chinese beauty and makeup culture, which is also the mission of Uniasia as a Chinese cosmetics enterprise.


      This international technical exchange has enabled the relevant technical personnel of domestic cosmetic enterprises to better understand the world's cosmetics manufacturing process, bringing new gains to their future product development and management ideas. At the same time, it also injects new elements into the development of China's cosmetics industry and promotes the development of China's cosmetics technology and internationalization.