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Eight new brands will be laid out to create a new ecological pattern around Uniasia


      From May 20 to 22, the 24th China Beauty Expo (Shanghai CBE) will be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. This exhibition covers a wide range of cosmetics, perfumes, skin care, personal care, professional beauty and other categories. With a large indoor exhibition space of 280,000 square meters, more than 3,500 exhibitors and media from many industries across the country are focusing on it, and a splendid and incomparable feast for the Beauty Industry has begun.


      Compared with last year, this year's Uniasia pavilion is more youthful and fresh. The addition of skin future, AUSPERI, Peptide, MOR, FACE IDEAS, MOINA, VORKKY, has further enriched Uniasia Group's multi-brand matrix and international layout. Hu Genhua, vice president of Uniasia Group and General Manager of Skin Future Marketing Center, said that Uniasia chose the explosive brand growth in 2019 to make more attempts, and the products of these new brands all have differentiated characteristics, focusing on consumer demand, and are closer to the young consumers of post 90s and post 95s.


      Hu Xingguo, Chairman of Uniasia Group, pointed out at the Group's annual meeting in December 2018 that if we look at the development of Uniasia, we will find that every five years there will be breakthrough and leap-forward development in Uniasia. The last five years began in 2014, when Uniasia entered the wash and care industry from its original skin care field and launched SEEYUONG. In the new five-year cycle starting in 2019, Uniasia has adjusted its strategic development focus to multi-brand operation, incubation of new categories and international industrial layout.


Deepening the Internationalization Layout

    Since the acquisition of Australian high-end fragrance care brand MOR in 2015, Uniasia's internationalization strategy has already begun. At present, MOR's sales network has covered 18 countries and regions in the world. In 2018, MOR entered Tmall International and opened a flagship koala cross-border e-commerce store. Hu Genhua, vice president of Uniasia Group, said in an interview with reporters that MOR is in an important position in the globalization strategy of Uniasia and has laid a solid foundation for Uniasia to reach the international market more deeply in the future. However, Uniasia's firm determination to push forward the group's internationalization process can be seen from its huge investment in the construction of Australian factory UA Holdings. UA Holdings will become the largest factory in the southern hemisphere upon completion, with a total of 8 fully automatic production lines, with an annual production capacity of 100 million units. The product category covers various fields such as skin cleaning, skin care, shampoo, hair care, sunscreen, etc.



       In addition to MOR, Uniasia also exhibited three brand-new Australian brands for the first time, namely, natural plant hair care brand AUSPERI, natural goat's milk skin care brand Vorkky for pregnant babies and MOINA, which is targeted at professional grape natural skin care. With the help of Australian factories and the international channels laid down by MOR in the early days, the addition of three new brands with differentiated positioning and covering different categories will further enrich the multi-brand matrix in the globalization layout of Asia.







 Technological Innovation Seizes Subdivision Market

    The two brands launched by Uniasia in late 2018 and which have already completed their investment promotion, SKYNFUTURE, namely peptide GITTAMY, made their debut at CBE Fair this year. SKYNFUTURE will focus on the concept of effective ingredients plus scientific skin care in the future. Through the deep integration of high-ingredient skin care products and physical beauty instruments, the performance of skin care products will be improved to the greatest extent.



       However, the peptide GITTAMY focuses on the effective components of the polypeptide and is dedicated to finding a high-quality skin care formula with both "efficacy and safety". Hu Genhua, vice president of Uniasia Group, said in an interview with reporters that when Uniasia launches new brands, it must seek differentiated development. The future introduction of SKYNFUTURE and peptide GITTAMY will undoubtedly add younger and more innovative genes to the Uniasia brand pyramid.


 Entering New Fields and Creating New Ecology

      In addition, besides skin care and washing products, cosmetic products are also included in the new product incubation camp in the ecological chain of Uniasia industry. FACE IDEAS, the makeup brand that held a press conference in Shanghai on May 19, overturned the traditional makeup sales model with the brand positioning of the world's first face "color decoding". Another colorful egg that will be the highlight of Uniasia 2019 will be laid out in the field of oral care. The new oral brand Blispring, which did not appear at the fair this time, will unveil its mystery in the industry on the coming June 20.




       As a cosmetic enterprise closely following the pulse of China's daily chemical industry, the "innovation and change" has become the main theme of Uniasia's strategy. Starting from 2017, through new retail channels, new brand incubation and international industrial innovation, the development mode of Uniasia across multiple channels, fields and categories has become more and more stable. The exquisite products and many differentiated brands presented at this fair are not only the embodiment of Uniasia's ingenuity and pragmatic management of enterprises, but also the unique charm transformed by the precipitation of enterprise structure and concept.