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Pilot High-quality Development with Innovation, Uniasia won the Annual Scientific Innovation Award


From 19th to 21st November 2018, the 2018 (the 5th) China Cosmetic Innovation Conference and Beauty Interlink Conference hosted by Jumeili was held in Shanghai, the city of fashion. More than 100 elite and R & D talents of this industry attended, jointly discussed the infinite possibility of product, R & D and innovation of the cosmetic industry. On the evening of the 20th November, the black swan awarding ceremony was held, with several rounds of strict screening, Uniasia research institute became eminent among many domestic and foreign R & D systems, and won 2018 annual scientific innovation award with its solid scientific research advantage.




It is said that the black swan award is the first industry award focusing on “innovation, business development and investment” in Chinese cosmetic industry. The appraisal standards are very strict. Besides the core of innovation, the market performance is also the important examination basis. This means that the enterprise winning the black swan award not conducts conceptual innovation, but shall really conduct practical innovation oriented to the consumers’ demands. Uniasia research institute winning this annual scientific research award is not only proving market acceptance for the innovation direction and research and development results of Uniasia, but also shows the recognition of the industry for the scientific research force of Uniasia. Then, what can support Uniasia to continuously realize scientific innovation?


Build the scientific research platform, gather the senior R & D talents


“Science and technology is the important tool for a country, the country becomes strong, the enterprises gain benefit and the people’s life becomes better, science and technology plays important role.” Just deeply understanding science and technology is strong support for the Group development, since its establishment, the Group has been focusing on “scientific innovation”. For forging the high-efficiency and sustainable R & D innovation ability, the Group has made great investment to establish Uniasia research institute (one of the largest cosmetic R & D centers in Asia); for R & D layout, the Group persists in following the world practice, has established the cosmetic research and development centers and production bases in Japan, South Korea and Australia respectively; in addition, the Group extensively recruits scientific research talent for scientific innovation, speeds up to foster the team of innovation talents. Presently, the Uniasia research institute has form the first-class R & D team that is led by doctors and masters act as the aiding force, and owns 82 patents.



Uniasia research institute


With exploring and innovation of scientific research and technology, the Group cannot only become eminent among the cosmetic market of fierce competition, but also has won recognition from the government and counterparts, has won such honors as a high-tech enterprise in Guangdong Province certified by the government, engineering technology research center in Guangdong Province, enterprise technical center in Guangdong Province, academician and expert enterprise workstation in Guangdong Province, an innovative enterprise in Guangzhou City, an enterprise R & D organization in Guangzhou City, enterprise technical center in Guangzhou City and so on.


Creating the scientific research atmosphere, building the fine innovation ecology


For making scientific innovation to become regular and creating strong scientific research atmosphere, the Group specially sets the “Uniasia science and technology week” combining with science with fun. Many “non-professional scientific research persons” can closely contact and know the scientific research, scientific researchers of different fields can also mutually learn the R & D originality, share the preliminary results of technical innovation.



Spot of “Uniasia science and technology week”


In addition, the Group actively responds to the important measures of “educating and fostering the innovative talents” under the national talent development outline, the Group improves the technological innovation system. Jointly witnessed by the Municipal Scientific Association, District Scientific Association and District Propaganda Department, the Uniasia Scientific Association was established to build an ideal innovation platform for the scientific workers to communication information and carry out mass scientific innovation activities, and further solidify the scientific workers.



Establishment of Uniasia Scientific Association


Focusing on technical communication, conducting multi-dimensional strategic cooperation


Abiding by the original intent of “creating fine products for the consumers”, scientific research innovation of the Group always orients to digging and meeting the consumers’ more higher and diversified demands. For continuously optimizing and improving the product technical level, the Uniasia research institute attaches great importance to conducting multi-dimensional scientific research cooperation with the domestic and overseas top universities, research institutes and other innovation units. Besides cooperating with Sun Baoguo (an academician of China Academy of Engineering) to establish the first academician workstation of cosmetic in China, the Group has also cooperated with Southern China University of Science and Technology, Kunming Medical School, Sun Yat Sen University and other domestic high-quality universities to carry out cosmetic key technology research projects. In addition, the Group persists in the global vision to plan innovation, actively promotes the double-way communication between the domestic and overseas innovation resources. The Group has conducted extensive technical exchange and cooperation with South Korea NABION research institute, Germany BASF, France SAIBIKE, Switzerland Clariant, Symrise and other international frontier scientific innovation resources, continuously enhances its scientific research innovation ability.



Photo of scientific research experiment


The Group has developed from 1991 up to today, all innovation breakthroughs and strategic decisions have provided the current force and industry place. Besides scientific research innovation, the management innovation, marketing innovation and development mode innovation are also important factors for the history of the Group. In future, the Group will continuously, stably and firmly push innovation and change, speed up to push the enterprise brand matrix to be enhanced toward the higher end of global value chain.