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The new era and situation come, the most wonderful future for Uniasia


On 24th December 2018, the 10th enterprise annual party of the Uniasia Group was grandly held at Zhuhai Changlong Hengqin Bay Hotel. Hu Xingguo (chairman of the Group) and Wu Zhiqing (president of the Group) and several thousand Uniasia employees, dealers and media guests got together and jointly witnessed the “new era of Uniasia”.



Looking back the glorious time in 2018, striving toward the new era of Uniasia


The year of 2018 is a milestone for history of the Group. As the only one daily chemical enterprise that is the industry leader and has been incorporated into the national brand program for two years continuously, the Group takes the national brand as the endorsement, carries its five brands (Meifubao, Franic, Seeyoung, Youya, MOR and Miaoba) to fast develops in many channels and fields, and has obtained great achievements.


Meifubao, a Chinese formula skincare brand, always takes inheriting the ancient and oriental skincare principle as its mission, demonstrates the traditional beauty. The sunscreen products have taken the first place among the sunscreen products at Tmall for 7 years continuously. According to Euromonitor data, the sunscreen products of Meifubao have become the first domestic sunscreen brand that accounts for the largest market share in China and the third largest sunscreen brand in Asia-Pacific region.



Huang Jingyu, image speaker of Meifubao


Mao Xiaotong, image speaker of Meifubao


The natural and organic skincare brand Franic has realized the new round of fast growth by virtue of resource integration. The growth rate via Watsons channel is 59%, and ranks the first place among the domestic skincare brands at Watsons; the annual growth rate at Tmall flagstore reaches 103%.



Jiang Shuying, image speaker of Franic


Chen Feiyu, image speaker of Franic


Silicone-oil-free head skin nursing brand Seeyoung has appeared in the market just for four years, and has become the first domestic washing and nursing brand that accounts for the largest market share in China. On 11th November shopping festival at Tmall in 2018, the sales amount reached RMB116.48 million and took the first place among the domestic washing and nursing brands on 11th November shopping festival. At such main E-commerce platforms as Jingdong, VIP and so on, the sales amounts also ranked the first place among the domestic washing and nursing brands



Xing Zhaolin, image speaker of Seeyoung


Zhang Li, image speaker of Seeyoung


Essential oil nursing brand Youya, by virtue of the strong R & D strength of the Group, extensive distribution network and endorsement of CCTV national brand program, has established its benchmark position in the professional line skincare field; The business form adjustment and upgrade is stably pushed, the single brand store fashion has brought on the basis of traditional beauty parlors.




Light luxury bodycare brand MOR is formally carried out in domestic market. The online cross-boarder official brand store has been opened. MOR has successfully settled down in such main channels as Tmall international, Netease Kaola, Xiaohongshu cross-boarder. The online and offline channels jointly develop. The first MOR aroma concept store in China has been opened at Hangzhou Building. The international sales territories cover such 15 countries and regions as Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, Swede, Spain, Japan, China and so on.




As the carrier for the Group to promote the mass business development, Miaoba started to open the first store in December 2017, has attracted many dealers with the new retail concepts of “fine cosmetic+light experience”. The intelligent new retail system, chain operation and management system, Miaoba University and so on have obtained the stage results.




Prospect for 2019, a year of dream; illustrating the new development blueprint


The theme of this Group party is “new ear of Uniasia” is not only a grand prospect proposed by the Group standing at the era height, but also is the important strategic guidance based on footstone of the Group and the macroeconomic environment.


At the Party, Mr. Hu Xingguo, chairman of the Group, held that, 2019 will be a year for the Group to realize the great-leap-forward development, “the most wonderful event will occur in Uniasia”. He disclosed that the factory of the Group in Australia will be put into for production in March 2019, this means that many new brands of Australia (including some brands acquired by the Group) will appear in Shanghai Beauty Expo held in the next year. For new four brands that will be released on that Expo, Mr. Hu expressed that “this will be the bravest thing in the history of the Group”. In his opinion, after the Uniasia team gets back the past business development passion, will present the Uniasia spirit and corporate culture. In the next year, the Group must realize new and great development.



Mr. Hu Xingguo, chairman of the Group


Mrs. Wu Zhiqing, president of the Group, gave confirmation about the past achievements of the Group, focused on the policy environment of the reform and opening, expressed her deeper understanding of strategy in the new era of the Group. President Wu expressed that, continuous innovation and reform, persistence for the product and fine partnership are the key factors for success of the Group. In addition, she also talked that, besides the Australia factory covering a building area of 25000 square meters will be put into for production in 2019, the make-up cosmetic production base covering a building area of 43000 square meters of the Group will also be put into service in 2019. In next 3-5 years, the Group will fully use and integrate resources, forge the new products and new brands. Meanwhile, President Wu also talked about “mass business development platform”, she expressed that “jointly creating future will be the theme of the Group”.



Mrs. Wu Zhiqing, president of the Group


At the Party, Cheng Yingqxi, vice marketing president of the Group, shared the future marketing layout and direction of the brands in future. He talked that, in 2019, the keywords of the different brands will be obvious, diversified, multi-dimensional and so on. He introduced that, in 2019, Meifubao will implement the young brand, fine channel, innovative product and international sunscreen product; Franic is an organic brand, will continuously make efforts for the single brand store, strengthen IP products and strengthen value; Seeyoung will become a fashionable brand with amusement in future, customize products based on channels, pilot the world with technology and forge the new brand and create splendor. Youya brand flagstore and franchised store will jointly develop, scientific R & D will be strengthened for the essential oil product, the professional service system will be upgraded and so on. MOR will persist in to be a high-end, merchandise and valuable brand.



Cheng Yingqxi, vice marketing president of the Group


For new four brands of the Group causing great attention, Hu Genhua, general manager of Uniasia brand management center and general manager of skin future marketing business center, firstly released some information for the public. Hu Genhua expressed, with the trend of young consumers, the current brands of the Group cannot meet the increasing demands of the consumers. Consumption upgrade calls new brands, the Group will improve its product matrix and forge the Uniasia brand new system. While focusing on building the existing brands, multi-dimensional layout will be provided for the new brands, the variety segment market will be occupied with technical innovation and differential orientation.



General manager of Uniasia brand management center

Hu Genhua, general manager of skin future marketing business center


In 2019, the Group will form the powerful brand matrix that takes the existing five brands (Meifubao, Franic, Seeyoung, Youya and MOR) as the main battle field and takes GITTAMY, Skin Future, COCOBOBO and FACE IDEAS as the value innovation. Namely, GITTAMY will specialize in light medical cosmetology polypeptide ingredient for skincare, addresses itself to forging the image of safe, professional and effective “skin management expert”; skin future will specialize in scientific skincare concept, deeply integrate the effective ingredient skincare product with high-tech beauty apparatus; COCOBOGO is oriented to family privacy nursing field, develops the reproduction health and preservation market; FACE IDEAS specializes in decoding of facial colors and overturns the traditional makeup concept. In addition, for accelerating the international strategy process of the Group, new Australia brands are also arranged simultaneously.


Hu Genhua also talked that, it is expected to organize the talents inside and outside the Group to accelerate fostering of the innovative talent team in order to convey new blood for the Group and promote progress of the Group with talents. At the Party, the new and old members of Uniasia Young Board of Directors appear collectively, this showed that the Group focuses on education of the young talents.



All members of Uniasia Group Young Board of Directors


In the history of 28 years, the Group has made persistence in and innovation for R & D, production, management and marketing aspects, these are witnessed by the counterparts. The strategy declaration of “new era of Uniasia” was talked about through this Party. The “new” not means more focusing on and strengthening piloting by innovation, layout for new varieties, building new brands, deepening new retail, pushing mass business development, enhancing operation informatization and intelligence, but also means that the focus of the Group will extend from China to the large international market, global vision will be give to building of brands of the Group, development of the enterprise and brands will be driven to the entirely-new pattern to realize high-quality development.



Mass pledge of the management personnel of different departments of the Group


Moving banners, transmitting to the future