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Embrace the future, Meet the challenges --Huanya Group 5 years strategic planning and 2016 management meeting officially launched


        On August 5th, Huanya Group 5 years strategic planning and 2016 operational management meeting was convened which represented a new Huanya 5 years strategic plan 2015-2019 kicked-off. Huanya Chairman Mr. Hu Xingguo, President Ms. Wu Zhiqing, Vice President Mr. Huang Baohua, along with other 32 leaders from different departments attended the meeting. 


        In this kicked-off meeting, Huanya Chairman Mr. Hu Xingguo propagated and implemented the strategic positioning and direction for the next five years that is based on orientation of policy background, the change of market environment, industry development trend, and Huanya will be fully upgraded its production mode, brand strategy and distribution channel arrangement. Mr. Hu pointed out Huanya’s new five years strategic plan will focus on two major areas to comprehensively enhance its strategic position in daily chemical industry that is ‘break the tradition and build a new management mechanism to achieve efficiency; bold innovation, as well as shaping the brand new vitality to ensure increment . Meanwhile, Mr. Hu specifically proposed guidelines and outlined directions for Huanya’s brand promotion strategy, distribution channel strategy direction and strategic direction for different functional departments. 


        In order to meet the needs of Huanya strategic development and to enhance the core competitiveness of enterprise, as well as to improve the efficiency and quality of key strategic decision making, thus Huanya has specially set up a Strategic Development Committee and a 2016 business planning group to implement and conduct proactive strategic development plan and mission. In addition, Ms. Wu Zhiqing, President of the Huanya Group announced the list of Strategic Development Committee and 2016 business planning team. Those two key strategies and management institutions will work together to facilitate the effective implementation of Huanya’s strategy in the future,  as well as to implement and carry out 2016 business plan, budget management and organizational performance objectives. 
        Later on, Mr. Huang Baohua, vice-president of Huanya Group and the head of finance department, human resource department and operation management department carried out the new five years strategic planning which will construct a ‘iron triangle’ for Huanya’s operational management and strategic planning that supported by business planning, performance management and budget management. 
        The meeting also determined two months from now, Huanya 2015-2019 five years strategic planning meeting will be held on the 8th of October in HuNan province, Shaoshan city, at that time, all level 7 or above senior leadership will join the meeting and work together to offer advice and suggestions for the future development of the company.