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Huanya technology 2015 class of the reserve talents military training successfully complete


        A high standard and strict discipline is the first requirement to every new employee of Huanya. In order to make the 2015 class of huanya reserve talents with a new attitude, new look into the workplace, the human resources training department has arranged for a 3 days and 3 nights military training from the 2nd to 5th of July and hopefully through the enqueue, military boxing, team jumping, singing, emergency muster and other form of activity to not only strengthens the tacit understanding between teams and also opens a broken cocoon into a butterfly, and with a hard and a happy new journey.


Photo: Huanya 2015 class of reserved talents entering into the HuangPu Military Academy

        94 recruits came to the Huangpu Military Academy with a tension and excited mood to join the following military training on the 2nd to 5th of July.
Section One: Parade step
The first mission is Parade step. Under the scorching hot sun, recruits were quickly changed their uniform and repeated the simple movements and time and time with long period of military standing with orders given by the instructor. From numbness in the hands and feet to muscle ache with sweat profusely, recruits were challenged on their limits. With no surprise, some of the trainee was too tired to barely stand up, but with the team spirit, they were able to return to the team after the break which has shown the spirit of Huanya that is hard-working. 
Section two: Push-up
As a frequently seem type of punishment during the military training, recruits were scared when they heard about the word ‘push-up’ because of the punishment is given to all recruits if one’s action did not meet the standard or violated the discipline, thus hard-feelings appeared when the whole got punish which cause by one team member. However, ‘push-up’ is not devil, but more like ‘pills’ which has been  supported and help recruits continue to normalize their behavior, strengthen the collective spirit between teams, thus the whole team’s spirit has been sublimated.
Section three: Military boxing 
As an important element in the military parade, military boxing really does trigger the enthusiasm from new recruits. Through three days of training, boys and girls started from scratch to a uniform and vigorous line and square with a complete set of military boxing performance which shown the results of transformation of recruits. 
Section four: battles among teams
In the 4th of July morning, Huanya recruits working together to forge forward and overcome the difficulties in order to complete the task successfully in team jumping with cheers and encourages from others outside of the field. Through the process, outstanding recruits with leadership and courage have discovered. 
While the break, instructors organized singing competition between two companies, in order to win the honor for the team, everyone’s teared off their voice and shouted desperately with their enthusiasm, singing loud and clear that echoed in the night sky of the HuangPu Military Academy. 
Section five: sharing 
After training everyday, recruits would gathering together to share their feelings. In particular, they talked about the importance of teamwork, as well as the required qualities in the tough military training which plays an important role in future’s work and life , such as tenacious perseverance.


Photo: Reserved talent military training


        In the July 5th afternoon, Huanya HR Director Mr. Zhang Xinmei was invited to give a speech to the opening of the military parade, along with Training division Manage Mr. Li jiongzhuo, Pay and Performance division Manager Ms. Mei Jihong and other company leaders to join the ceremony. With neatly lined up, strong and vigorous pace, straight body, sonorous boxing and loud shouts reported to the leadership of their training results. Just three days of military life, Huanya recruits occurred great changes, a number of outstanding recruits spring up and finally outstanding students and the team awarded the medal from HR Director Ms. Zhang who encouraged them to make persistent efforts in the following career.
        After the military parade, a PPT presentation was presented by Huanya HR and training division to illustrate some details of the three days military life. From those PPT slides, recruits left the touched and shed tears, hugging and comforting each other which declared the end of 2015 class of reserved talents military training, as well as a beginning of their career in Huanya. 


Photo: A military parade of Huanya technology military training camp


        In the 5th of July evening, a welcome party was held for recruits when they returned the company, leading by the vice-president Mr. Huang Baohua with Director Mr. Zhang Xinmei, Recruitment division Mr. Zheng Yili, Training division Mr. Li jiongzhuo, Pay and Performance division Ms. Mei Jihong together celebrated the graduation of recruits. At the party, recruits have shown what they have learned in the training and affirmation and praise was given by all leaders which suggests a successful completion of the first mission. 


Photo: Huanya technology 2015 class of the reserve talents military training successfully complete