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Mr. Hu Xingguo, President of Huanya Group was invited to give a speech in an industry convention about ‘Wechat business’ and ‘good product’


        In 9th of March, President Hu as a topic speaker to discuss cosmetic industry development trend with cosmetics industry leaders in two meetings, the ‘China retail cosmetics summit’ and ‘2015  China good product conference’ which host by <Cosmetics Observation> and <Cosmetics News>
elaborated his view of the present hottest topic "Wechat business" during the Chinese International Beauty Expo.
        At the ‘China retail cosmetics summit’, President Hu elaborated his view of the present hottest topic "Wechat business" during the Chinese International Beauty Expo. He believes that ‘Wechat’ business is promising but needed normalization in order to fulfill a brand sustainable development. However, ‘Wechat’ business and E-commerce is developing rapidly under the new era of consumption, how a national brand could break through the market and gaining a larger marketing share becomes a question. With that question, President Hu’s answer is to stay clam and steadfast in your brand first, in the meantime, actively adapt to the new consumption age characteristics in order to find a proper breakthrough point for normalization and systematization, as well as to find a proper operation mode for the brand and its channels. Therefore, that is way to carry forward a national brand.


        In the 9th afternoon, on 2015 ‘good product’ conference, President Hu introduces his topic ‘ good brand is made by good product’ by applying his personal experience on buying a rice cooker in Japan. He believes that whether or not the enterprise core competitiveness is competitive and Huanya oppose to the statement of ‘ it does not matter on what you sell but how you sell it’, and also oppose to ‘now cosmetics completely homogeneity’, while Huanya believes that ‘good brand is made by good product’. More specifically, President Hu describes his view on ’what is a good product and how to create a good product’ from 6 different layers which wins applause and empathy from attended entrepreneurs. In the cosmetic industry, Huanya Group is famous for its strategy goal that ‘ make champion products, be a world-class brand’ with achievements of research and development innovation in the industry. Also, President Hu’s speech expounds that Huanya Group will continue to "push enterprises to develop innovative development train of thought. As well as, with one market, one dream spirit, Huanya now owns the innovation category of excellent product and quality, and dedicated to make China’s good product and achieve world-class brands!