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Pleasant Seeyoung, cordiality for good marketing-Seeyoung 2015 brand ceremony perfectly opens


“Pleasant Seeyoung, cordiality for good marketing”

      On 7th December, Seeyoung 2015 brand ceremony perfectly opened at Changlong International Exhibition Center, which is the largest hotel with the biological theme in China. Top-grade experts in the daily-use chemical industry and famous figures of many major media attended the ceremony; they got together with nearly one thousand dealers and suppliers for Seeyoung all over china and pleasantly enjoyed the visual feast of fashion and dream

 Photo: 7th December, Guangzhou, Seeyoung 2015 brand ceremony

      Just entering the conference site, more than ten young and alive Seeyoung “Dajiangjun” dolls and Mr. Cheng Yingqi, general manager of the natural washing and care business center of Huanya Group had on the lovely doll clothes, the people were attracted. This was not only the bottle miniature of the Seeyoung ginger product in 2015, but also was the tool for eye-attracting in this brand ceremony. The guests attending the conference took group photos, shook hands and cuddled with “Dajiangjun” and General manager Cheng, the atmosphere in the spot is very high.

  Photo: The guests attending the conference took group photos with “Dajiangjun” and General manager Cheng

10% of market share in three years, realize the “Chinese dream” of healthy washing and care of Seeyoung

      Since its establishment, Huanya Group has been taking “creating the world brand” as the goal. As the strategic brand of Huanya Group, President Hu has the attitude of “following the situations and must achieve the goal” for Seeyoung.

      At the brand ceremony, Mr. Hu Xingguo, President of Huanya Group, showed great expectation for development of Seeyoung brand. “within 3 three years, Seeyoung will shall account 10% of the market share of shampoo market in China.” At the conference, Hu Xingguo set up his ambition for the brand again!

      We believe the, with the positioning of “silicone oil free head skin care”, Seeyoung will comprehensive occupy the consumer concept, win the No.1 place of high-end washing and care market sales in China and realize the “Chinese dream” of healthy washing and care of Seeyoung brand!

 Photo: Mr. Hu Xingguo-President of Huanya Group, made speech

With advertising expense of RMB400 million, it would open the grand age of communication of Seeyoung in 2015

      In 2014, RMB200 million has been invested as the communication expense for Seeyoung. With the strong influence of the media, the washing and care brand appearing in the market for less one year has become popular all over China.

      In 2015, with two strong communication engines of “CCTV+Hu’nan TV” and the three-dimensional brand communication team with the investment of more than RMB400 million, the healthy washing and care concept of “silicone oil free head skin care” becomes more popular!

      At this Seeyoung 2015 brand ceremony, the strong media starting delegation consisting of Mr. Hu Xingguo-President of Huanya Group, Wu Zhiqing-CEO of Huanya Group, Mr. Cheng Yingqi-general manager of the natural washing and care business center of Huanya Group, Meng Fei-supervisor of market division of the natural washing and care business center of Huanya Group and Han Shunxing-general manager of Shunfeng Media opened the grand age of communication of Seeyoung in 2015.

           Photo: Opening the grand age of communication of Seeyoung

Pleasant Seeyoung, cordiality for good marketing, let us joyfully cuddle the silicone oil free age

      “Seeyoung specializes in brand operation, is dedicated to channel operation and provides cordial service”, Mr. Cheng Yingqi-general manager of the natural washing and care business center emphasized at the conference. Seeyoung just positions it to be the first brand for high-end washing and care product, and just act as the leader for silicone oil free head skin care. Pleasant Seeyoung, cordiality for good marketing! While joyfully cuddling the silicone oil free age, Seeyoung will expand the terminal scale in 2015, finally realize the annual goals of establishing counters at 8000 malls, 1000 franchised shops and ranking the first three places among E-commerce operators.

             Photo: Mr. Cheng Yingqi-general manager of the natural washing and care business center made speech

Online communication+offline generalization, Seeyoung will make rapid growth in 2015

      Brand positioning is the starting point for victory! There will be online communication planning for three brands, offline terminal promotion activities for three terminals, TV media, online communication and offline sale, Meng Fei-supervisor of market division of the natural washing and care business center presented the overall brand development blueprint to help Seeyoung to make rapid growth in 2015 to the guests attending the conference!


        Photo: Meng Fei-supervisor of market division of the natural washing and care business made speech

With aid of international top-grade expert, media famous figures presented the “youth wishes”

      At this ceremony, such many media famous figures as the brand celebrity Hye gyo Song, Luo Yi-vice director of Hu’nan TV, Song Dian-director of advertising division of Hu’nan TV, Wang Jun-vice supervisor of Zhejiang TV, Gongzheng-director of advertising division of Anhui TV and Mr. Du Hongjun-director and chief editor of Cosmetic Newspaper, Mrs. Deng Min-chief editor of Cosmetic Observation, Mr. Gui Shaoyuan-general manager of China Beautification and Cosmetic Company, Mr. Chen Min-chief editor of C2CC, Mrs. Xu Wen Jun-CEO of Jumeili and so on collectively gave voices, confirmed the brand achievement of Seeyoung in 2014, and presented great expectation in 2015. Female emcee Yu Sheng and first-tier emcee Wang Lele OF Anhui TV, Zhang Yixin-bronze medalist of the 6th China School Beauty, Liu Xiaoge from the program I am not a Star of Zhejiang TV, Dan Dan, An Na, Qing Yang, Du Xiaohua, Yue Yien, Liu Liu, Lei Kesheng presented their youth wishes with VCR for pleasant Seeyoung.

      From knowing to understanding, from enjoying to pleasance, with support from the people, Seeyoung always leads the healthy fashion of “silicon oil free head skin care” in China.


          Photo: -Spot Seeyoung 2015 brand ceremony

      In the second half of 2014, the recovered fund for sale of Seeyoung at franchised shops and supermarkets and malls will be more than RMB50 million and RMB100 million respectively.

      In 2015, with the innovation category positioning, three-dimensional communication team and strong brand team, Seeyoung will set sail again and realize rapid growth!

      Pleasant Seeyoung, cordiality for good marketing, let us open the new age of Seeyoung “silicone oil free head skin care”!

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