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Together we can! Youya 2015 brand strategy release conference successfully held!


      The lunar year of horse will end, Youya has put the foreseeing view to the coming and more wonderful year of 2015.
      From 8th to 9th December 2014, Youya (the “oriental fragrance therapy” skin care brand of Huanya Group) 2015 brand strategy release conference and new product launching conference was solemnly held at Guangzhou Poly Holiday Hotel. Nearly two hundred dealers and agents all over china attended this conference, shared and summarized the good achievement in the first year of Youya, discussed the latest product of Youya and promotion and marketing strategy in 2015, analyzed the future development trend of Youya brand and made their own contribution for writing new chapters.
Forge the brand with internet thinking, open the new epoch for fragrance therapy and skin care
      Passing the dream time tunnel, at the release conference spot with the oriental and primitive forest style, at the “time forest” of Youya forged exquisitely, you can experience the mysterious oriental fragrance. Youya 2015 brand strategy release conference and new product launching conference was formally presented, and thus it opened open the new epoch for fragrance therapy and skin care.


Photo: Spot of Youya 2015 brand strategy release conference
      Mrs. Lv Yingna-general manager of Youya brand business center of Huanya Group uncovered the mysterious veil of Together, We Can! Youya 2015 brand strategy release conference. She summarized the market performance of Youya in 2014 in details, stated the Youya brand promotion policy and marketing strategy in 2015 and interpreted Youya brand development master plan in 2015 and so on.
      According to knowledge, at its initial establishment, Youya brand has selected the market positioning of “oriental fragrance therapy + vegetable skin care”. With an overall view of the current market pattern of the vegetal skin care products, Youya does not select the mainstream selling points, such as “herbal”, “flower” and so on, takes inheriting Chinese fragrance therapy culture as the cut-in point. Manager LV held that, brand culture marketing would be the main trend for brand development in future. In fact, Youya is very busy in 2014. For busying in extending the sales network or improving the product quality, it centers on inheritance and communication of oriental fragrance therapy, increases the charm of the women, displays the noble and implied beauty of the women skin, this will become the direction for such brand to launch new product in future.


Photo: Manager Lv and Manager Zhang took group photo with Youyou Baby
With war of category, seeking splendor, push forward toward the fragrance therapy market in China
      Mrs. Zheng Hengqiu- market supervisor of Youya brand of Huanya Group, also came to the spot. With more fierce competition in beautification industry, whether it can grasp the market terminal dynamics or not, whether it can grasp the real demands of the consumers, the unique brand culture and positioning, becoming novel out of the homogenous rivals with the breakthrough products, have become the key for obtaining success in the beautification market in 2015.
      Thus, with planning by supervisor Zhang Hengqiu, Youya will make great brand strategic promotion in 2015, positively extend the new market space, greatly enhance the brand image and improve the product structure; in addition, it will make great efforts to conduct market generalization: the fashion magazine, industry media and mobile terminal will form the brand building and generalization strategic alliance, forge the overall and three-dimensional communication platform. Online and offline activities will interact closely; the product, brand, market and marketing grow harmoniously to form the multiple and integrated marketing mode.
      In 2015, Youya will make proper adjustment of its brand development strategy. It will not only be limited to the fixed sales mode to exploit the market, make efforts from such many aspects as product upgrade and structural adjustment, expanding the sales mode, resource configuration and so on, it abandons the traditional, simple and crude generalization mode, take the internet multiple-dimensional ways in high voice: user’s thinking, experiencing thinking, concise thinking, exquisite thinking, social thinking. With internal improvement and external exercise, overall and three-dimensional enclosure, it will provide assistance for new product to appear in the market and fully push forward toward the fragrance therapy market in China!





Photo: Delicate product display on spot
Mode-orientation assists the terminals, fast and convenient beautification drive development of one thousand shops
      Times develops. With an overall view, the market of the beauty parlors also continuously has subtle changes, more and more consumers enter the beauty parlors and enjoy the services. At the conference, more than two hundred Youya dealers and sale elite made brain storm, jointly discussed “forging one thousand shops in 2015-fast beautification chain mode of Youya”, analyzed the future positioning of Youya and profit-making trend, pushed the new marketing concepts that integrates the four forces of “service force, innovation force, planning force and marketing force”.
      With differential marketing of Youya, it will start the “fast beautification” mode that has not been comprehensively started in China, it must forge the leading brand of fast beautification in China! Fast beautification of Youya make up the defect that the daily-use chemical shop only sells products and neglects service. It is fast and convenient, the image is uniform, product is professional, personnel is standard, service is flow, price is transparent. In addition, it can attract consumers for beauty parlors, improve the customer rate to enter the shop, increase the beautification transparency, stabilize the frequent customers and enhance the business performance of the beauty parlors.


Photo: Release of Youya fast beautification mode
With new product and new force, forge the full-line category breakthrough!
      After that, the new product launching conference for the star product of Youya-Guangcai sunscreen series. On the spot, bikini sunscreen product SHOW and cartoon image “YOUYOU BABAY” of Youya presented surprisingly, it was hot and the atmosphere was ardent. It induces great cry and many people took photos. The style of Youya sunscreen product was demonstrated thoroughly, and it also pushed the conference to tide. In 2015, Youya sunscreen cream will fast extend the market with the high-end quality and affordable price, and forge the golden sunscreen season Youya full-line category breakthrough in 2015. Relying on strong product R & D advantage of Huanya Group and excellent sunscreen product manufacturing experiences for 25 years, independent research and development patent of Huanya Research Institute and other core competiveness, appearance of Youya sunscreen preferential fine and combo box will bring about a purchase fashion to the market in China. With wonderful new product promotion scheme, detailed product illustration and so on, the agents on spot could not only really feel the brand strength and product advantages of Youya, but also could stabilize the base for both parties to make cooperation and realize win-win.


Photo: Initial and moving launching for the Youya-Guangcai and isolating sunscreen series.
      At night, Youya entire-new heat therapy energy body series were launched surprisingly. With the entirely-new oriental fragrance therapy+energy of heat therapy+meridians health preservation, the combo box combines with fragrance therapy efficacy of oriental essential oil with energy of unique heat therapy receipt of Youya, the energy of essential oil and heat therapy is continuously to conveyed to skin, and the body is regulated to the optimal status. Pushing of this series cannot only make up the gap of the body product of Youya, but also come into the market with the entirely-new concepts of oriental fragrance therapy+energy of heat therapy+meridians health preservation, it will more present the brand positioning advantage of Youya, forge the full-line category breakthrough in the beauty parlors of Youya brand in 2015!
      At this conference, many senior agents who have cooperated with Huanya Group for more than ten years said that: “we select Huanya Group and Youya because of Youya has fine gene. We have great confidence for fast development of Youya brand!” After that, the policies for the first half of 2015 were released, including clear terminal activities, rich gift promotion strategy and popular generalization plan. On the spot, several preferential policies for the dealers to make purchase on the spot, and it pushed the conference to another tide.


Photo: Youya heat therapy energy body series were launched surprisingly+demonstion on spot
      The new year will come soon. Only with cooperation and brave exploiting, it can forge the new legend. In 2015, Youya will continuously inherit the classical concept of oriental fragrance, forge the sensible legend of brand upgrade, and create more surprises for skin beauty of oriental women.
Youya, 2015, together, we can! We will be the best in future!
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Photo: Time forest of Youya just like dream


Photo: We-chat interaction was high on the spot


Photo: Many people in front of the signature wall


Photo: YOUYOU BABY presented surprisingly