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Victory in 2015, New Marketing Strategy was Published Franic Planning Release Conference


      On 8-9th December, the 7th annual conference of Huanya Group and Yes, We Can! Franic 2015 planning release conference was held grandly. The partners of department store and franchised shop channel and supermarket channel of Franic all over China got together, attended and supported the grand event.


      At the planning release conference, Franic published several exciting policies, which brought about the ardent applause and cheer on the spot, “Yes, We Can!” resounded on the spot. The director of Franic marketing center summarized that: “we can because of union; we can because of fine products; we can because of strong marketing. Victory in 2015, Yes, We Can!”


Leapfrog and upgrade, climb peak of BB products
      There are many tides at the release conference, and a lot of significant strategies were released one by one. The director of Franic marketing center expressed that, Franic BB cream has become very popular. In 2015, it will greet the leapfrog upgrade. Relying on the R & D strength of Huanya Group, Franic addresses itself to providing the natural, vegetable and high-value skin care products, will upgrade 5 types of BB cream comprehensively from product formula and product package and meet skin care demands of different peoples. In addition, it will push the entirely-new air cushion BB cream-moist and flawless air cushion powder cream. With the high-quality formula, unique antibiotic technique and perfect make-up experience, it can move the minds of the consumers, leads the “high-resolution make-up” fashion.


New sunscreen brand would appear in market
      The second exciting news at the planning release conference moved the entire spot, Sunflower (a sunscreen brand) would appear in the market. Huanya Group owns professional R & D strength of sunscreen products for 15 years, its sunscreen products are reputable in China. Appearance of Sunflower brand in the market is a new chess for Huanya Group to expand its market.Sunflower brand will exploit the sunscreen product market in China with the innovative “vegetable bionics and sunscreen technology”. At that time, it will bring about a new round of marketing fashion. 


Bombing type generalization, bring about the fashion among the people
      Good product also needs publicity. In recent years, Franic positively takes up entertainment marketing, has named such hot variety show programs, such as Transformation, Goddess Style and so on, and creates its popularity in China. In 2015, with gross investment, Franic will name the well-know real man show program I am not Star of Zhejiang TV. With high viewership rate and strong topic, Franic will conduct dense exposure with the second generation of star and attract consumers.
      In addition, Franic will cooperate with the celebrity-love song queen Liang Jingru to shoot the entirely image advertising, and will plan some star meetings, integrate the all-channel generalization resources, it will bring about another entertainment marketing tide.


New navigation, new breakthrough
      Franic planning release meeting was exciting, the activities of annual conference of Huanya Group are more wonderful.
      Phase-III industrial park of Huanya Group (building area: 120000m²) was grandly opened, which marked that R & D, production and technology of Huanya Group have stepped on the new peak.       With the top-grade automatic sterile workshops and intelligent production control system, it can provide a solid base for supplying better products for consumers.
      Nearly 4000 persons attended the mobilization conference and award ceremony grandly held at Guangzhou Changlong Theater. Such brands as Meifubao, Franic, Seeyoung, Youya and so on of Huanya Group have held the passionate mobilization conferences, decide to make victory in 2015, and events were so grand.


      With strenuous efforts, it will obtain victory. In 2014, Franic has obtained significant breakthrough. In 2015, Franic decides to climb up to the new peak and obtain victory in 2015.
      Yes, We Can!