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Won Euromonitor international certification again, and SEEYOUNG is definitely the “Big brother” of silicone oil free!


It's natural to SEEYOUNG when it comes to local care brands.You will think of silicone oil-free when you think of SEEYOUNG.


SEEYOUNG has set the concept of "silicone oil-free scalp care" for itself, constantly making breakthroughs in categories and infiltrating the brand concept infinitely since its inception in 2014.This kind of "focus" power is just what the local care brands need to gain a firm foundation in the market, and it is also the courage and confidence of SEEYOUNG.


Once again, it has been certified as "China's No.1 silicone oil-free scalp care brand" by Euromonitor International, a world authority, and SEEYOUNG deserves to be the silicone oil-free "Big brother".


Get Euromonitor certification again, and occupy the commanding heights of silicone oil free market.


Euromonitor International is an established research institution in the UK, which has been established for 50 years. It is the world's leading provider of global business intelligence and strategic market analysis, and its research is highly authoritative and professional all over the world.


In 2022, SEEYOUNG won its certification as "China's No.1 silicone oil-free scalp care brand" (data source: Euromonitor Information Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Chinese mainland market, based on the single-year retail sales in 2021. Silicone oil-free scalp care products refer to scalp cleaning and scalp care products without silicone oil, including shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, essential oil, etc., and the survey was completed in May 2022) Once again, it has proved its leading position in the domestic silicone oil-free washing track with awards.




The rise of SEEYOUNG is no accident. Behind this series of brilliant awards, a whole set of brand "combination boxing" is hidden.


Innovation incites R&D, and good products "speak" with strength.


The success of SEEYOUNG in the brand is not achieved overnight, but the result of accumulation, and it is inseparable from Uniasia Group, which has strong scientific research strength behind it.


In addition to holding hands with Academician Sun Baoguo of Chinese Academy of Engineering to set up China Cosmetics Academician Workstation, Uniasia also signed a strategic contract with Guangzhou Institute of Quality Supervision and Testing to promote quality development through cooperation with Industry-University-Research. Cooperate with Japan Beauty lab Corporation (Asia) Co., Limited to strengthen brand hard power.We have carried out highly strategic cooperation to protect the products with the world-renowned raw material research and production company SYMRISE of Germany, Clariant of Switzerland and other enterprises.




As far as Uniasia is concerned, from the beginning of brand making, it insists on research and development first, and then marketing. Its R&D system, including skin material research and development, formula research and development, applied basic research, traditional Chinese medicine research, creative design and development of packaging, and consumer research, has laid a solid foundation for SEEYOUNG to create differentiated sharp knife products.


Taking R&D as the driving force of brand development, SEEYOUNG develops products according to consumers' pain points and needs, and creates a real "7 additive-free" health care formula: no silicone oil, no sulfate, no hair dye, no petroleum surfactant, no mineral oil, no animal raw materials and no paraben.


In addition, SEEYOUNG, as the leader of silicone oil-free care market in China, is constantly upgrading and innovating its products to maintain its leading position in the industry. The research and development system of SEEYOUNG products has been continuously upgraded and optimized from silicone oil-free to sulfate-free to healthier scalp care. SEEYOUNG has continuously made breakthroughs in categories in order to meet the deeper needs of consumers from hair care to dry hair spray, to essential oil and scalp essence. SEEYOUNG has gradually broadened the scalp care track and infiltrated the brand concept of silicone-free scalp care indefinitely.




Continuing to deepen product research and development, SEEYOUNG has won many industry awards and patent certificates, and has won many awards in industry conferences such as China Cosmetics Blue Rose Award for the annual care brand, Tmall Beauty Award, China Cosmetics Annual Most Influential Brand, Meiyi Grand Award, HWB Award, etc., and everything speaks with strength.


Seize the opportunity “step by step” and dig deep into the new trend of breaking the circle in the market.


While consolidating the hard power of product R&D, SEEYOUNG is constantly improving the brand soft power.


 SEEYOUNG official declared Yu Xiaoyu, the world champion of figure skating, as the brand ambassador, shouldering the mission of "China's No.1 silicone oil-free washing brand" with the help of his sportsmanship in order to create a younger brand image and incite the influence of stars among consumers.Hand in hand with Xing Zhaolin, Dong Youlin and other stars, launch customized products of spokespersons, create fashionable and eye-catching explosive items, and cater to the current personalized consumption values with traffic and goods.




As a representative of domestic products in the field of care, SEEYOUNG naturally follows the live broadcast, and unites well-known big V and star artists such as Li Jiaqi, Xie Na, Jinxing, Yang Lan, Wu Xin, and CCTV Ethan to bring goods to live broadcast. It further expands the live broadcast field with the marketing method of "brand+star+media KOL", and realizes brand exposure strongly. Every year, e-commerce festivals such as Double Eleven (November 11) can lead the industry brand.


In addition, in order to get more exposure, SEEYOUNG integrates online and offline, uses diversified content and grass marketing to improve brand volume and help sales, and promotes KOL through social platforms such as Little Red Book and Weibo. Outdoor advertising also gets super exposure, covering first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou, and interacts closely with consumers through varied content marketing.


Layout diversified channels and prepare for long-term marketing


Keep the initial intention in brand, keep innovation in products, keep accuracy in marketing, keep the heart in the channel, practice the combination of product and effect, and realize the brand long-term development


SEEYOUNG has adhered to the strategy of "multi-channel and multi-mode" and "multi-channel customization", comprehensively analyzed the demand of consumers in various channels, and launched customized personalized products for different channels since its establishment.


SEEYOUNG has strategic cooperation with influential e-commerce platforms such as Tmall, JD.COM, Vipshop, etc., unites with interested e-commerce companies such as Tik Tok and Quick worker, constantly uses innovative gameplay for marketing communication, and makes content and grass planting through diversified platforms to drive sales volume conversion online" De-oiling fluffy dry cleaning spray" became an explosion when it was launched. With its strength, it topped the list of monthly new products of "Tmall Beauty Hair Care Award" and was selected as a new product of Tmall Little Black Box, which is the best witness of SEEYOUNG's strength.




Offline, SEEYOUNG covers 25,000+outlets across the country, including Watsons, Carrefour, Wal-Mart, China Resources Tmall, JD.COM and other channels, and constantly covers new terminal retail channels, Sanfu and KK Pavilion, etc., creating a new retail model that integrates online and offline.


Dig deep into the demand of market segmentation, develop products based on specialty, consolidate the position of silicone oil-free head, and play the song of brand attack!