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Hundred People with One Million 4.0 is officially launched. See how the Gittamy continues to write the explosion legend


In recent years, with the rise of big countries, the upgrading of consumption and the accelerated development of product segmentation, China's beauty industry is changing with each passing day, and the wings of domestic beauty products are becoming more and more abundant. These domestic products are slowly beginning to meet the wind and rain, meet the test, and begin to stand out. Flying high and rejuvenating the Chinese nation is the common dream of the people of the whole country. Therefore, we can see that more and more domestic products are redoubling their efforts to manage their own national brands.


The launching meeting of Hundred People with One Million 4.0 sponsored by Uniasia's Gittamy brand ended successfully in Haikou, Hainan on February 23.Nearly one thousand people from the national core regional partners attended the grand meeting to share and witness the marketing legend of "Hundred People with One Million".




Pursuing victory, 2022 will create a strong market again.


Liu Ze, the head of the Gittamy brand, announced the gratifying achievements of the past year at the beginning of the summit. Through the "Hundred People with One Million" plan, the sales volume of Gittamy in 2021 increased by 356% year-on-year. Among the 1,000 cooperative stores, 300 achieved annual sales of 1 million, and 100 pilot stores achieved annual profit of 1 million! It is estimated that in 2022, 1,000 companies will reach the annual sales target of 1 million+!




General Manager Liu personally awarded the Medal of Honor to more than 200 model stores with over one million achievements at the launching ceremony  and held the awarding ceremony. Model stores from all regions of the country have brought wonderful speeches, shared their successful experiences, and explained how the novice in industry, who has never been exposed to cosmetics, has become an industry elite who has achieved 460,000+achievements by selling Gittamys in 4 months; How to achieve millions of annual profits for chain stores with large flow; The small shop in the county has been in a dismal operation from a hundred yuan customer list, and has successfully transformed into a professional store with high customer list and high service!




Riveting tiger force, starting Hundred People with One Million 4.0


Product strategy upgrade, explosive product rule lore!




Professor Liu Wei, former dean of dermatology hospital of Air Force General Hospital, bluntly said, "In the face of scientific anti-aging, the main duty of doctors is to find the root of skin aging, and then take targeted measures; Skin aging is a slow and continuous process, and proper daily care can better prevent and delay aging. "There are great differences between Asian skin and European and American skin. Based on the characteristics of Asian skin, Liu Jiaoshou shared his research theory for more than 20 years, and expounded the key of anti-aging of Asian skin from the perspective of dermatology, as well as the difference between endogenous aging and exogenous aging. Chinese brands should try to combine with cutting-edge medical technology to produce products suitable for Asian women and provide Chinese women with more effective anti-aging programs.


Uniasia has accumulated and precipitated in the beauty industry for 30 years, which has promoted the development of China's beauty industry. It is the first enterprise in China to establish a product research and development center. There are not only two global R&D centers of China Headquarters Research Institute and Australia Research Institute, but also a workstation of Chinese Cosmetics Academician, who has many years of scientific research experience in the fields of anti-aging of biological Gittamys, research and development of key technologies of old cosmetics, moisturizing and anti-aging and preparation of old ingredients. We believe that compared with international brands thousands of miles away, Chinese enterprises can develop products more suitable for Chinese consumers!


With high efficacy, high quality and safety, instant Gittamy products have made outstanding achievements in the terminal, and consumers' purchase again and again is the greatest recognition of the brand. The sales volume of carnosine revitalizing essence water mainly promoted by Gittamys increased by 447% year-on-year in the first half of 2021; In the second half of the year, the sales volume of bandage cream mainly promoted increased by 869% year on year. The average sales volume of two big explosive stores exceeded 1,000 bottles, and the sales volume of a single store exceeded the highest of 300,000 bottles.


It also launched [987* Energy Water * *] this year , adding an additional 98.7%* oligopeptides stock solution on the basis of the original product to help skin repair and further release the anti-aging effect. The [Little White Tube Sunscreen cream] with full-spectrum technology forms an excellent combination with carnosine revitalizing essence water. The carnosine revitalizing essence water can rejuvenate the skin internally, delay the aging at the root, protect the skin from the external skin with the external skin protection and resist the aging from the external source. Together, the two can achieve a two-way anti-aging effect.



* It means that the oligopeptide content in the product reaches 98.7% ** Energy water refers to the consumer nickname of carnosine revitalizing essence water.


Zhang Yingting, manager of personal care and marketing department in Greater China of Royal DSM Group of the Netherlands, which has a history of 100 years of scientific research, pointed out that Gittamy’s ingredients are showing a rapid growth trend in both cosmetic application and consumer cognition. These phenomena have proved the huge demand of skin anti-aging market in Asia, and Gittamy raw materials with high quality, high efficacy and high stability are the key to popularity!


SYN-AKE snake venom, a star ingredient that has attracted much attention this year, focuses on anti-aging and light lines, which can help skin delay aging. The linear extrapolation method of in vivo research results shows that quantitative use can delay the appearance of wrinkles. That is, the core component of the high-end anti-aging Fast+ [Instant Collagen Gittamy] series of Gittamys is SYN-AKE snake venom, which focuses on anti-aging and light lines, thus helping skin delay aging, smoothing texture and anti-aging at the same time.


Looking back, as early as 2019, when Gittamy was founded, Gittamy had an insight into the leading position of high-end anti-aging products in the field of skin care. For this reason, he established the brand positioning of "Dermatology-grade skin care, high-end anti-aging polyGittamy", laid out refined high-end anti-aging products three years in advance, focused on the creation of functional products, and laid an indestructible foundation in the field of high-end anti-aging.


Member strategy upgrade, traffic breaking strategy!


Continuous efforts on CS track, that is, Gittamy has its own membership management mode. After three years of continuous iteration and upgrading, it has achieved proud results in the terminal market. Gittamy launched the program of "100 Gold Members, Achieving Million Performance in 100 Days” at this conference. By focusing on member management and improving member services, it locked in high-quality members, and made it easy for stores to achieve million performance in a more professional and systematic mode. A number of exclusive sales activities and high-end service projects enhance the stickiness of members every quarter, promote customers' orders, and finally achieve a 10-fold increase in store profits through fast customer expansion and fast cash collection!


Training iteration, leading the future of the industry!


As the high-end beauty market continues to sink, that is, Gittamy, a 300+ professional beauty marketing team, always responds quickly to market changes and meets market demand at any time! Go deep into the front line of CS channel, adhere to the customer first, and provide agents and stores with the most professional empowerment and best quality service. Regularly visit the store to host sales activities, increase the competitiveness of the store, and help the store easily complete the transformation and upgrading from traditional daily chemical stores to new high-service professional stores.


Gittamy made a heavy attack in the training sector, gathering big coffee in the industry, becoming an immediate Gittamy tutor system, a new empowerment channel, and building “Whampoa Military Academy” in China's beauty industry in 2022.People-oriented, training talents as responsibility. All-round empowerment are from professional, project, shop, coach and other angles to achieve advanced education promotion of differentiated people in batches. Meanwhile, we will enhance the core competitiveness of channel personnel, improve service and skills, and help them reach a new high of Hundred People with One Million 4.0.




Gittamy will continue to grow together with strategic partners with a sense of responsibility and mission with the witness of Hundred People with One Million 4.0 startup button, push Chinese beauty brands to the international stage, and be the explosion of a nation as well as the world!