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Uniasia"s YOUYA has a dazzling new year and won the honor of "Guangdong Famous Brand” again.


Nowadays, with the hot concept of "nourishing skin with oil", whether it is Taobao series or other shopping platforms, essential oil is by no means unpopular in skin care products, and there is no shortage of phenomenal super items in the market. Among them, the domestic brand YOUYA actively explores the mystery of essential oil and has been officially recognized.


Fruitful, and then won the honor.


On January 6, 2022, the 2nd Brand Power Pioneer Forum, jointly sponsored by the Organizing Committee of Brand Power Pioneer Project, Guangdong Enterprise Brand Building Promotion Association, Guangdong Radio and Television Station and other authoritative organizations, was held in Guangzhou Yuexiu International Convention Center. Yue Yu, General Manager of YOUYA Brand, was invited to attend. Among them, the YOUYA brand won the title of "Guangdong Famous Brand" at the awarding ceremony of "Guangdong Famous Brand".




"Guangdong Famous Brand" is a comprehensive brand evaluation that represents striving for international leadership, consumer trust and distinctive culture. The Guangdong Enterprise Brand Construction Promotion Association set up an expert think tank to extensively discuss the evaluation work, and invited senior experts and professors from the brand industry and representatives of leading brand enterprises to set up an evaluation committee. After several rounds of seminars, the declaration process, evaluation standards and management methods were worked out before the final decision was made.




This is not the first time that YOUYA has won the honor. Before that, YOUYA was selected into CCTV National Brand Plan, and won such honors as Lifestyle Beauty Brand, Consumer Trust Brand of in the colorful Industry, Science and Technology Innovation Brand of in the colorful Industry, etc. This time, YOUYA once again won the honorary award of authoritative brand, which reflects the fruitful achievements of YOUYA under the guidance of brand power and product power for many years. It is the affirmation of YOUYA by authoritative organizations and industries, and also shows the recognition and love of consumers for YOUYA.




Professional products, practical results and deep grasp of users.


It's not difficult to find out carefully the walking track of YOUYA in the beauty and skin care industry for many years. Along the way, YOUYA doesn't take shortcuts or make quick money, makes industry with the attitude of "getting mud on your legs", and works intensively in professional cinemas with patience.




YOUYA completed a brand-new upgrade in 2020, with the brand concept of focusing on anti-aging of essential oils, focusing on product characteristics, product diversification and communication diversification, and creating a new Youya that is younger and more energetic.


Backed by Uniasia Group, which has established the workstation of China Cosmetics Academician, Youya inherits excellent genes, and its strong scientific research level and innovative ability become its natural advantage, which provides a strong guarantee for creating high-quality products.




In addition, Youya insight into market orientation, continuous use of advanced R&D technology and rich product system to cater to consumers' pain points and needs, continuous innovation, innovation of essential oil formula, compounding of scientific and technological ingredients, and the perfect combination of essential oil and technology, successfully developed a profitable product suitable for facial make-up line promotion.


Down-to-earth in efficacy, one step ahead in category development, YOUYA subdivision of consumers' deep needs, empowering and blessing products with innovative technology, opening up popular Kemei projects, breaking through and seeking new experience in use, capturing the minds of multi-layered consumer groups, and opening the era of "light skin care" with hardcore product power.




Experience the flow and precipitate the users in the scene.


As a brand deeply cultivating professional cinema channels, YOUYA integrates brand advantages and resources. With the innovation of marketing model, project innovation, product innovation and service deepening, it now has thousands of stores all over the country, with professional channels covering all parts of the country, accumulating tens of millions of users, and gaining unanimous praise from the market.


Youya not only continues to empower channels with high-quality products and innovative marketing strategies, but also helps traditional terminal stores transform and upgrade into professional service-oriented stores; At the same time, it also keeps pace with the times. In the new traffic era of live broadcast with goods, it follows the trend and uses cloud live broadcast and other forms that consumers like to promote sales, which has set a record of 100,000+popular viewing in 2 hours.




Rome wasn't built in one day. Today's weather and achievements make YOUYA. It is only through perseverance and long-term efforts that it can stand out in the highly competitive beauty and skin care industry and grow into a banner of China's beauty and skin care industry.


YOUYA's persistent quality and service-oriented is behind the honor, flowers and applause, which not only affirm and praise YOUYA's past achievements, but also carry YOUYA's mission and responsibility as a brand power benchmark for essential oil skin care.


Although the road is long, as long as you walk, you will always come to the end. As for YOUYA and China's beauty industry are concerned, as long as we keep working hard, we will surely succeed.