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Franic holds hands with world champion Guo Dan, and 2 powerful figures jointly attack.


At the beginning of 2022, Franic, who is about to turn 20, announced the signing of world champion Guo Dan as the brand's first “Champion image ambassador".




Guo Dan won several championships in roller skating as the first amphibious athlete in China. Even speed skating, which was changed to practice in 2015, has great accomplishments.


This spirit of daring to cross the border and challenge is in line with Franic's brand theme of 2022-"20 Dare". 


To highlight this theme, in 2022, Franic made efforts in five aspects: R&D and upgrading, product innovation, channel development, retail reform, and dissemination and promotion to bring consumers a healthier skin care experience.


01   Adhere to “Natural skin care" in 20 years


Franic said that holding hands with Guo Dan is precisely because of her spirit of daring to think and do, which is a true portrayal of Franic's development in the past 20 years.


Franic dared to establish the brand positioning of "Natural skin care" ahead of the industry since its establishment in 2002. It has carried out the upgrading iteration of brands and products on this basis for many years since then.


Specifically, Franic has successively developed the technology of plant wall-breaking extraction without water, plant freeze-drying technology and plant fermentation technology, and applied these three core technologies to the research and development of natural skin care products to produce a series of high-quality products with plant technology as the core, so as to build brand technical barriers.


Meanwhile, Franic also combines the brand concept of natural skin care and plant extraction research and development with scientific and technological innovation, and has continuously carried out product innovation iteration for 20 years.


Nowadays, Franic mainly promotes aloe vera gel series, rose bud water series, Xiaolvyi strong and durable cream series, Cherry blossom multi-dimensional whitening series and cactus yeast firming and tightness series, etc., and wins a foothold in the hot functional skin care circuit by meeting the skin care needs of consumers such as repair and whitening.


Among them, as the ace product of Franic, aloe vera gel has gone through the fourth generation. The newly-launched Shenyl yeast aloe gel, with innovative plant fermentation technology, combines 87% of aloe yeast essence with ceramide to achieve a better soothing effect, and can effectively repair cuticle and care for problem skin in multiple dimensions, which is more in line with the diversified skin care needs of modern consumers.




02   Build a brand promotion matrix and use digital ecology to empower all channels.


In fact, signing Guo Dan is only one link in Franic's marketing chain.


Joining hands with Guo Dan, the world champion, is the first time that Franic has used athletes to speak for her. Besides the high matching degree between Guo Dan and brand image, this choice is also a symbol for Franic to break through the past boundary, realize multi-circle spread of the brand and start a new journey of brand development.




Franic has also become the designated skin care product for the 2021 China Street Dance League Campus Competition in order to deeply link with consumers. It has been exposed through national competitions, and has close contact with more than 100,000 college students, gaining a number of fans.


Franic is also making use of digital ecological empowerment omni-channel at the same time of efficient marketing promotion.


Franic also actively unlocks the gameplay of Tik Tok platform, and makes full efforts to brand self-broadcast in addition to the traditional e-commerce platform on-line channel . Last year, the brand's sales on the Tik Tok platform increased by 110% year-on-year.


Franic is actively exploring new channels offline.  It has settled in more than 4000 Watsons stores since 2016. Franic won the first place in Watsons' sales of domestic whitening and sunscreen products last year, and freeze-dried aloe vera gel ranked first in high-end aloe vera gel category; The overall sales volume reaches TOP 5 of Watsons' domestic brands.




It entered Mannings, Sanfu and other channels, which also contributed to further opening up the offline market for Franic at the end of 2021.


Franic has also actively opened up online and offline channels on the basis of the synchronous development of online and offline platforms, and plans to further improve GO Marketing Management Platform, the ace marketing management system customized for offline CS stores, in 2022, so as to create an ecological closed loop of "Physical store-GO platform-GO mall". The number of users of Franic increased by 236.5% in 2021 in this marketing ecology.


Obviously, Franic, which has become an "Established domestic product", is in the iteration of advancing with the times, seizing the minds of more young consumers.