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Uniasia"s First Cosmetic Brand FACE IDEAS Listed


     On May 19, Uniasia's first make-up brand FACE IDEAS started in Shanghai. Inspired by interstellar science fiction, this conference combines elements of "future, fashion and color" to present guests with a unique journey of space and time in the universe.





      The launch of makeup brand FACE IDEAS marks that Uniasia has once again entered a new channel of development. Hu Xingguo, Chairman of Uniasia Group, pointed out at the Group's annual meeting in December 2018 that if we look at the development of Uniasia, we will find that every five years there will be breakthrough and leap-forward development in Uniasia. The last five years began in 2014, when Uniasia entered the wash and care industry from its original skin care field and launched SEEYUONG. In the new five-year cycle starting in 2019, Uniasia has once again launched FACE IDEAS, a make-up brand, across categories.





       Hu Genhua, vice president of Uniasia Group, said in an interview with reporters that value cultivation and innovation reform are the main directions of Uniasia's 2019 and future development strategy, and "new brand innovation oriented by consumers" is one of the directions of Uniasia's innovation. He mentioned that Uniasia's confidence in entering the cosmetics field comes first from the considerable capacity of the domestic cosmetics market: in the past three years, the sales growth rate in the cosmetics market has been particularly prominent, reaching more than 30% year-on-year growth in 2018, and cosmetics has become one of the most potential growth points in the next five protection industries. Cheng Yingqi, vice president of Uniasia marketing, said that Uniasia layout makeup is imperative. it has been one year since the start of the FACE IDEAS project, and Uniasia has made steady progress in every step from product polishing to team building.




       Compared with the current domestic makeup brands, the makeup blueprint painted by FACE IDEAS is quite different. At the press conference, Guo Jun , head of FACE IDEAS brand, put forward a brand-new concept-color decoding theory in makeup category for the first time. He introduced that FACE IDEAS tried to return to the essence of make-up, specializing in color, analyzing the colors of skin, hair and pupil, and decoding the color matching rules of base makeup, eye makeup, eyebrow makeup and lip makeup. The color decoding theory divides women's skin color into three key tones (pink tone, warm tone and natural tone) and nine color levels, and helps consumers find the best facial makeup and color matching scheme with the help of brand-new display and color decoding tools that subvert the tradition. "From casting products to linking terminals to sales promotion, FACE IDEAS will revolve around this theory to form brand differentiation." Guo Jun stressed.






       Faceidas also takes pains in terms of technological innovation and product quality. In order to improve the level of research and development technology, Uniasia invited Dr Yu Wei Hong, a senior us cosmetic scientist who has had experience in cosmetics research and development such as Revlon and Maybelline, to join in the research and development. Dr. Yu Wei Hong is a doctor from the Graduate School of New York University. She has more than 20 years of experience in new technology, product development and formulation in personal care industry, and has in-depth professional knowledge in cosmetics, skin care, raw materials and product innovation. She herself has always hoped to develop a makeup product tailored to Asian women's skin color. This idea coincides with the concept of FACE IDEAS. At present, thanks to the efforts of Dr. Yu Wei Hong and several engineers of Uniasia, FACE IDEAS has 15 unique formulation technologies of Uniasia. 





       In addition, in the brand visual image system, FACE IDEAS regards "future", "fashion" and "color" as the visual symbols to communicate with young consumers. And these three elements also run through the whole concept of the conference.


      The scene of the press conference created the audio-visual feeling of strolling in space with the help of the annular immersion holographic projection technology, as if one were in the space-time dimension of interstellar space and entered the colorful inner senses. The fashion color future makeup show created by FACE IDEAS star makeup artists is a pioneer experience to stimulate the audience's vision and hearing, bringing a dream-like audio-visual feast to all the guests. The shadow dance, line dance and powder dance, which are interspersed in the makeup show process, are wonderfully conceived and span many fields such as multimedia, vision, music, dance and space art. Under the joint action of acousto-optic image and holographic technology, dazzling makeup and overall modeling fully embody the brand essence of FACE IDEAS in the future, fashion and color.





       Uniasia endorsement, new ideas of color decoding, patent technical support ... There is no doubt that FACIDEAS makeup with many advantages will be one of the most important brand strategic plans of Uniasia in 2019. Hu Genhua, vice president of Uniasia Group, said in an interview with reporters that Uniasia's new five-year development is not limited to make-up. Faceidas, the makeup brand listed this time, is only one member of the incubation camp of Uniasia new brand. It is reported that at the CBE China Beauty Expo, which will open on May 20, apart from the two new brands of peptide and FACE IDEAS, the skin future that has been announced and completed before, four other new brands will also be displayed to the outside world for the first time.