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Highlight moment! Meifubao Won "Academy Award for Beauty Makeup" Tmall Beauty Award


      On March 4, 2019, the 4th Tmall Beauty Award was held in Shanghai. the Tmall Beauty Award is an industry success jointly sponsored by Tmall beauty makeup platform and domestic and foreign skin care makeup brand merchants. it is also known as "Academy Award for Beauty Makeup" and a cosme award belonging to the Chinese people. The "Tmall Beauty Award" generated by the multi-index comprehensive ranking between hundreds of millions of consumers and thousands of beauty makeup brands undoubtedly defines the industrial status of major beauty makeup brands and also provides consumers with more shopping references and guidelines.




      In 2019,Tmall Beauty Award Ceremony, Meifubao won the “2019 Excellent Business Partner of the Year” and its “SPF50PA+++” sunscreen lotion with thin water and clear water "was also successfully selected as the star product of the Tmall Beauty Award. It is worth mentioning that since it entered Tmall in 2011, Meifubao has won the title of Tmall sunscreen category for 6 consecutive years, which shows its remarkable achievements in sunscreen category.




 Shining gold makeup! Layout of Meifubao Plus E-commerce

      Relevant data also show that the performance growth rate of Tmall Cosmetic Platform in 2018 has exceeded 60% over the same period last year, and the number of active users has exceeded 300 million at present. Moreover, while the scale of Tmall Cosmetic Platform continues to expand and the number of users continues to increase, the evaluation and satisfaction of users on Tmall's platform have also increased qualitatively.




       In order to approach young consumers, Meifubao joined hands with spokesperson Mao Xiaotong to promote the brand. In this Tmall Beauty Award, Meifubao Brand Spokesman Mao Xiaotong and Cheng Yingqi, Vice President of Marketing of Huanya Group, presented the award ceremony together and represented the Meifubao Brand. At the same time, in order to become one with young consumers, Mao Xiaotong also interacts with fans in the live broadcast room to call for sunscreen products in Meifubao.





 Challenge 0 sense of sunscreen! Outdoor Upgrade Protection Experience

     With the awakening of consumers' awareness of sunscreen, everyone has realized that sunscreen is not only necessary in the hot summer sun, but also permeates daily skin care. However, traditional and conventional sunscreen is always stuffy and oily, and when applied, it feels like a layer of sunscreen is pasted on the face.




       As a benchmark in the local sunscreen field, Meifubao has newly introduced a light sunscreen product with “zero” burden as the core highlight-water thin and light transparent isolated sunscreen lotion SPF50 PA+++.Its successful entry into the Tmall Beauty Award star product has once again confirmed Meifubao's intensive cultivation in the sunscreen field. This sunscreen lotion has high sun protection and strong anti-oxidation effects, allowing adequate skin protection, especially for outdoor sports. The most important thing is that it is light, thin and moist, with good extensibility, no whitening, no traces, and no sticky feeling. After being applied, it is as smooth and delicate as cream. After being used, it covers the skin with invisible protective layer, allowing the skin to breathe freely without any burden.





       At the same time, for the "Meifubao Whitening and Sunscreen Festival", Meifubao will strengthen communication with consumers in the star and KOL sectors this year, starting off-line star activities, on-line star live broadcasts, grass planting for global products, etc., and combining with traditional landing activities, to create a new retail mode with online dissemination and hot sales through all channels.