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Be close to the sunshine and dare to bask yourself! New Ideas for Whitening and Sunscreen Festival in Meifubao


      Generation Z has its own unique consumption idea and strong consumption will. Such a vibrant group is becoming the object of strong competition for beauty brands. Facing the growing generation Z, Meifubao, as a leader in sun protection of domestic products, has also caught up and put forward a brand new idea that emphasizes self-confidence and courage and pursues self-being-to be close to the sun and dare to bask oneself. In order to convey this brand concept, Meifubao held a Whitening and Sunscreen Festival in Foshan on March 9, “Bask Queen FAN". While helping the brand with spokesperson Huang Jingyu, it encouraged consumers to become sparkling themselves, to show their attitudes towards life and to show their ideals in life. 




Dare to bask yourself!  Meifubao's New Proposal for Sunscreen

      At the event site, Huang Jingyu's arrival undoubtedly added more highlights to the event. He not only frequently interacted with fans, played small games, pushed the atmosphere of the event to a climax, but also shared his secret of skin care and sun protection. While paying attention to basic skin care and water supplement in daily life, sun protection was his compulsory course, and declared on the spot that Meifubao was sun-protected.




       As a popular young student who has performed many movies such as "Operation Red Sea" and "Flying Life", Huang Jingyu's confident and courageous image of sunshine and positive energy is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. It is very consistent with the concept of "being close to the sun and daring to bask oneself" first proposed by Meifubao Sunscreen this year. Naturally, the cooperation between the two will follow suit.


      With the help of spokesperson Huang Jingyu, Meifubao's new brand idea of "being close to the sun and daring to bask oneself" will affect more young consumers. In today's highly developed social media, consumers' shopping psychology includes the need for sharing. However, Meifubao's brand's new idea in 2019 of "being close to the sunshine and daring to bask the sunshine" is not only Meifubao's publicity on product power, but also the precise control of consumers' sharing shopping psychology.





 Decade of grinding sword! Intensive Cultivation and Concentration of Whitening and Sunscreen Festival

      Focus and faith will form the key element of the new brand story.

      Since the birth of the first whitening sunscreen cream of Meifubao in 2001, Meifubao has not only strictly adhered to its position, but also continuously carried out technological innovation in the past 20 years. For 6 consecutive years, it has become the leader in sales volume of Tmall sunscreen category. Many honors have been added to make Meifubao sunscreen the quality choice of domestic sunscreen cream in consumers' hearts. The "Whitening and Sunscreen Festival" that Meifubao has been building for ten years has made more and more consumers realize the importance of sunscreening for skin care.




       Meifubao's focus is not a simple slogan, but based on years of in-depth research and development of sunscreen products by Meifubao. Meifubao makes sun protection healthier through the conditioning method of "external prevention and internal nourishment". It does not stimulate patented sun protection technology and plant moisturizing repair technology to gently resist UV damage, bringing reassuring care to skin. The vitamin E derivatives contained therein can prevent light aging phenomena such as color spots and wrinkles. It is worth mentioning that Meifubao sunscreen has full-band anti-ultraviolet protection technology, which covers excellent plant extracts and ultraviolet sunscreen agents to prepare optimized composite ultraviolet sunscreen agents, effectively protect full-band ultraviolet rays and make sunscreen more comprehensive and lasting.





       It is this ten-year focus that keeps Meifubao sharp in judging the market. Whether it is to create a whitening sun protection festival for ten consecutive years or to hold hands with Huang Jingyu, Meifubao strives to understand consumers' psychology, stands out from the fierce market competition and becomes a benchmark brand for professional sun protection products.